Anyone else doing a non-traditional dessert?

  1. Just wondering if my family is one of the few! We HATE pumpkin things. I just finished up individual cheesecakes- some chocolate, some the standard. There is a chocolate cake in the oven too and I'm going to do a ganache for frosting.

    Any others out there?
  2. Can I come over? I don't really love pumpkin pie but I make a killer southern pecan pie which I guess is pretty traditional. It sounds like your desserts will be yummy!
  3. Having a pumpkin pie... but I've also requested my mom's chocolate cream pie and this really good simple jello pie she makes that is just whipped cream mixed with strawberry jello before the jello hardens and so it's like a creamy stawberry thing in a oreo cookie crust... yum.
  4. well we are doing ice cream even at christmas we love ice cream
  5. I'm baking a cake right now and yesterday DH and DS picked up a chocolate creme pie. We were in the mood for something different.

  6. We have pumpkin, meringue, and marionberry pies for Thanksgiving. My mom loves to bake so we have cranberry-cheese bars, fruit tarts, and homemade strawberry cheesecake. I spied some peppermint and pumpkin flavored ice cream in the freezer last night. :biggrin:
  7. Mango slices with coconut milk glaze and sticky sweet rice

    I hate pumpkin flavored anything. :throwup:
  8. We always make passionfruit mousse, its a NEW thanksgiving tradition here...this is the time of year we have passionfruit up to our elbows.....

    we have pumpkin pie, too though!! LOL
  9. Pumpkin pie is my all time favorite dessert. But, in my family, we also serve chocolate cake, mince meat pie (disgusting!), cheesecake and apple pie. Oh, and sometimes German Chocolate cake too.
  10. We had apple and french silk pies this year--my whole family hates pumpkin as well