Anyone else do this?

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  1. When I go shopping for clothes, I buy all my clothes a size too small thinking I'm going to lose weight. It doesn't seem to work though. :crybaby:
  2. No.

    And really, it's just a bad idea. You need to buy clothing in the size that you are, not the size that you were previously or the size that you hope to be. Wearing clothes that actually fit will make you look better than trying to squeeze in to clothes simply b/c the size on the tag makes you happier.
  3. ^^
  4. I used to do that until I read an article saying you should never do it because the chances are it'll never happen and you're better to buy things you can wear immediately.
  5. I never do it because when I go up and then back down in weight my body never changes in the same places so I never know what will fit until the weight is gone.

    I also have a large chest and have to buy larger tops to accomondate it and tailer the waist down. Therefore I go over the idea of being a 14 or XL quickly.
  6. When I gave birth I dodn't want to buy new nice clothes hoping I would lose weight soon. It took me 2 years to lose weight and I now think that I should have bought nice cool clothes. You must be comfortable the way you are.
  7. By the time you loose the weight to fit into the smaller, cute clothes they will be out of style. Buy clothes your size--they will not only make you look way less chubby but you will actually get to enjoy them.
  8. I do that and I shouldn't. I'll buy a fabulous peice of clothing a size too small, and becaues it's so fabulous I think it'll tempt me to lose weight so I can fit into it never works though.
  9. No, I don't buy them but I bring them into the dressing room w/ me because I THINK I am still a size 6 when in reality I am not! I'm trying to get back into a 6 but I've actually had to buy a larger size in "essentials" because I can't stand things being too tight or looking as though they might burst as I try to jam my a$$ into them!
  10. Oh I don't wear them, I just put them in my closet until I can actually fit into them.
  11. I used to be guilty of doing that, LOL. Or, I'd avoid buying cute clothes I really liked because I'd convince myself I'd look better in them after I came back to pick them up after losing a little weight.

    I've learned that wishful thinking is just wishful thinking, and it's so much more fun to buy clothes that fit so you can wear them right away.