Anyone else Discouraged by Coach?

  1. Okay please no stone throwing.:search:

    I think I a am seriously moving away from Coach bags. In the past 6 months the Legacy line is the only line that I have found myself willing to buy.

    I don't know if I am turned off by all the fake Signature out there, the fact that this stuff is showing up in Target, or just that I plain old see it EVERYWHERE! Fakes and the real deal, it seems like everywhere I go I see multiple bags.

    My next bag will be an LV, I have another LV but have really been a loyal fan of Coach but I think as far as bags are concerned that may be coming to an end.

    I just really have a bad image of it right now I guess. At least the Khaki Sig. Anyone else feeling this way?
  2. Oh and the other thing that discourages me is paying full price, A BIG PRICE TAG AT THAT, only to see the stuff I paid a lot of money for at the outlet store in a month or two.
  3. we won't throw stones at you! :smile:

    but i'm curious, the fake signature is horrible, that's why i don't buy signature (that and self advertisement, enough said :supacool: )

    but LV gets "copied" or there are a lot of "fakes" as well.

    so how come only coach is discouraging?

  4. I see where you are coming from but if you are truly concerned about seeing Coach everywhere (real or fake) you are going to be even more disgusted by LV. I see just as much LV as Coach (maybe even more) and, in all honesty, when I see a woman wearing an LV bag I instantly and immediately think it's fake. Sadly, 98% of the time they are.

    I don't think you should give up completely, especially considering the recent thread about how none of us see anyone else wearing Legacy bags! Hang in there!
  5. ^^I agree, I see a ton of fake LV's too. I too have been discouraged by Coach for the past couple of seasons. My new love is Chanel.
  6. i'm glad you brought this issue up btw kiari. it was an issue i struggled with before when speaking with my manager. and macys and their sales :blah: and pilot "bags".

    first and formost is that when you buy a bag it's because it's the right time, right place and right feeling. there have been times a customer was just walking out the door, serviced by another SA and i approach them. the most memorable one was a lady and her husband, she was interested in the shoulder bag (legacy) and i commented on how it's a fashion exlcusive color, that you won't find it everywhere.

    right then her interest grows and her husband comments, how much is that? no, wait, let me guess...five hundred?

    i smiled and told him it's really four hundred but if he wants he can give me the extra a hundred i wouldn't mind!

    right then there's an experience, for me it was fun talking to them, and hopefully they had fun too (they ended up getting that, the legacy wristlet and a planner)

    that's an experience that people who buy at "target" or macys miss. at least the macy in my city because no matter if i'm in uniform or street clothing, my friends and i rarely get any service. it's the same reason why when i pass through the macys and nordys and bloomies i see bags they have but we've completely sold out of.

    and when those who buy the real bag, gets that terrific experience it associates that experience with that bag everytime the customer wears it, kwim?

    the department stores may have their sales, but we have the "experience" and that is what my manager is banking on. once in a blue moon we get customers that prefer the discount at macy's or bloomies when you open the card. but hey, it's only once, and we actually get customers coming into our store saying, I saw that bag at macys...can you help me order it?

    as for the outlet issue, if it was sent from the store, the quality is the same rest assured, but the quantity is limited to how much is left and i can tell you, as well as any SAs, which bags have the least amount produced. don't fall for that annoying SA that tells you every other bag is special edition. if it's a big issue of seeing your bag at the outlet i would make sure it's one that has low quantities. right now the carly i'm eyeing has less then 1,000 stores AND JAX combined. the embossed leather in bordeaux (sp) which i loved..the flap wristlet..had less then 100 when i ordered and i can't even get it anymore.

    i know if any of these pieces made it to the outlet before it is out of the store, it's because there was an issue with it and it's refurbished or some manager/SA accidently said they'd take back a bag used and of course, you can't go back on your word, and you can't sell a used bag so it goes to the factory as well.

    there are some legacys at outlet or were because if you remember there was an issue with the turnlocks, i think those are the refurbished ones.

    for the carly i can't explain but it's one coach fan who found it, i think that's an exception.

    so please don't be discouraged!
  7. Thanks for the pep talk Whitney :smile: It has helped me recall my good times with my SA's. I will watch for new Coach bags.

    As far as the LV being faked a lot, yeah I am aware of that, I have a mono speedy and see fakes a lot but not as much as LV. Probably just has to do with where I go and stuff. I really want a denim bag and I did fall in love with the Coach denim Hobo last year but it never even made it to stores. Now they have the resort and duffle but I'm not feeling either of those. The LV denim has always caught my eye. The other bag that I am eyeing is a Red Balenciaga First.

    Maybe I am just not seeing anything new at Coach recently, just the same designs every season tweaked a little or in a different color. Who knows what it is? I still love Coach, and will always pay attention to it, I just wish there was more diversity. How many different ways or colors can they do the "duffle", "Carry All" , or the "hobo".....maybe i feel like i am just running out of options limiting myself to Coach.
  8. like the signature flap wristlet I paid $98 for online just before christmas, only to find out it's at the outlets now.

  9. Kiari, I have to agree a bit with you. I LOVE the legacy line and many of my bags in the past have been coach, but I haven't found a lot that excites me in the other recent lines. I, too, will continue to watch for new styles, but for now I'm buying Balenciaga bags (though at a much higher price). Regardless, all designer bags suffer from an exorbitant amount of fakes, so that aspect doesn't bother me.
  10. I too have given up on Coach for the most part. There is just nothing that I HAVE to have, or very little. I have started buying Marc Jacobs and Chloe. I guess sometimes your taste just changes.
  11. I'm feeling the same as you Kiari...I haven't bought any bags from Coach for months only accessories from the outlet. My last 2 bags have been a LV speedy & Chanel pochette. hmmm....I know once the spring items come out I'll be buying more from Coach.
  12. But COACH has such cute accessories!!
  13. yeah i havent bought a bag from coach in a while, the last thing i bought were sunglasses. if i do buy another bag it will be non-signature(all my previous have been sig..except for one). their accessories are awesome though!
  14. I understand where you are coming from, I see coach everywhere. But that won't stop me from buying coach. I just love it.
  15. I'm still in love with Coach but I don't like the khaki sig bags for the most part. There are one or two in unique styles I like but those are the ones I see faked everywhere, so they just do it for me.
    Maybe it's because I haven't been buying Coach that long, but I still feel excited about all the new stuff that's coming out and everything.