Anyone else disappointed with the Spring Line?

  1. Don't get me wrong, there are a couple pieces that I can't wait to get but for the most part there isn't anything I am waiting for this season. I find myself looking at other designers and cheating on LV. LOL. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. Yeah I do. Nothing is really TDF in my opinion. I will get the heart vernis purse just because I love hearts and collect LV, and I am on the list for a few other things, but the more I see, the more I'm left uninspired. When I first saw the miroir line and the pink denim line I was like WOW!:drool: But when I see the LVOE totes, the dentelle, even the pastilles key chain I'm just like, OH... :shrugs: So maybe this season I will try to search for some bags I missed out on from past collections like graffiti and trompe l'oeuil.
  3. I'm agreeing with you. The Dentelle looks pretty, but it's not me. The valentines stuff is adorable, and the white epi sounds intriguing... but I'd rather they introduce new styles to the staid lines (Mono, Damier, Epi, Suhahli, Antigua, Vernis) instead of more colors :push:
  4. I feel the same way... The ONLY lines I'm feeling are: Denim Patchwork, LVOE totes, LV Cup bags, and the African Tote/East and West bags [flea market bags, as referred to by many].
  5. Glad I'm not the ONLY one. There's a lot of little pieces I want but there are NO BAGS that I am dying for.
  6. Ooops double post
  7. I on the other hand think it is one of the most exciting S/S seasons for a LONG time ...John I adore the east west pm too and am waitlisting for a gold one;)
  8. Exactly! Right now there is not one bag from the S/S line I want. Even the LVOE tote...I think it is very cute, but one is a cotton tote, that to me is just like every other 'boat' tote or shopper out there. The Satin is the same shape, and sounds fragile....we'll have to wait and see.

  9. Yay!!! I'm not the only one!!! :nuts:

    That reminds me... I'm putting my name down for a East/West PM bag on Friday... thanks!
  10. I'm in the same situation...nothing really caught my eyes. You are definitely not alone in this. I think it's a great idea to have a spring fling...hehehehe.
  11. I love the concept though. LVOE. I want to the get the RTW at least. The totes are cute but I won't waitlist for them.

  12. Hahaha. Thanks for the support, Anne. LOL.
  13. Don't take this wrong...but gotta ask, do you like it for the irony? Or just for the style?

    I know UK vogue is featuring it this month, but I just don't get it, myself :shrugs:

    I haven't seen pics of the gold yet. Going to check out the look book tomorrow when I go to look at the pampellone.
  14. I saw the LVOE bag charm (steven shein-esque plastic) on one of the pix of the denim patchwork speedy, so I have a feeling there will be LVOE accessories we dont know about yet.
  15. I'm glad I don't like anything from the Spring line! Now I'm not tempted to spend all my money before my Speedy Azur arrives! I'm vowing not to go into any LV store before my Azur arrives...can't stand the temptation!