Anyone else disappointed with the sale?!

  1. There doesn't seem to be anything for 50% off. I was considering the Fleet or Annie but I can't really get excited for 30% off...

    Has anyone bought anything nice?
  2. yeah, i'm quite disappointed by the selection in the sale as well. n i'm with you ditab regarding the unexciting 30% discount for most if not all the items.
  3. Waited up, but I thought the percentage would be a little better than what it is.:sad:

    Especially since we need to pay for shipping and duty fees.
  4. Not only 30% but the lack of items in the sale:crybaby:
  5. Another one disappointed :crybaby:

    Was really hoping for a choc Annie, but I 'd noticed it's been sold out for the last few days. Ever the optimist, still clicked on the black, hoping it would be chocolate :lol:.

    Anyway, the site has just saved me from myself, as I tried to buy the black anyway????
    Wouldn't let me check out for some reason, and now I am veeeeerrrrrry calm, as it was the chocolate I was after all along. What was I thinking????!!!!

    Repeats to self *I do not need another black bag. I do not need another black bag. I do not need another black bag.....*
  6. I know. I was wondering if more items would be added but I guess not.

    Perhaps at these prices, there may be further reductions later on...
  7. Same here, I am buying nothing. Last year there was loads of stuff with 50% off.
  8. Hi guys,

    Totally new here! But had to express my dissapointment with the sales!! Aargh! But with extra 10% off i wonder whether i wont regret not buyin? im thinking of the Annie in black or somerset tote (but khaki? has anyone seen that colour in real life?)

    Do you think there will be more options in the store sales?

    Anyway, merry christmas everyone!

  9. Disappointed but relieved at the same time!!!
    At least I'm not tempted...Happy Xmas everyone!!
  10. I was a bit disappointed, regardless of the prices the bags I was looking for aren't even there!-

    Oh well. Perhaps the prices might drop a little more and bags I'd never thought of might become more and more attractive ha.

  11. I had to buy something so I went for the pink hanover :yahoo:
  12. Hi Sadiya and welcome!

    I have seen the Somerset tote in khaki IRL, and quite liked it. Although to me, it looked more like a slushy mid brown? Sorry that description makes it sound really awful :lol:
    The thing is, I'm really not a green person at all, and was surprised that I quite liked something described as that colour, as I normally think of khaki as being green-toned, IYKMIM?

    Depends on your wardrobe and your taste really. I have to say that the Annie is gorgeous, hence my potential slip-up earlier :shame: If you need a black (or oak) bag, I'd say go for it!

    Hard to say about the store sales, but my guess is that they would mostly only be offering 30% too. Doesn't mean I won't be keeping my eyes open though - especially for that elusive chocolate Annie!

    Happy shopping and Merry Christams one and all!!
  13. Tara, just seen your post :yahoo:

    Good work. Looking forward to piccies later!
  14. I can't get to buy anything!!!! Everytime I go to checkout it says the website blah blah blah is encountering problems!!!! I was very disappointed with whats in the sale,Andy said I can buy the scarf I like and I can't!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tara!!!!! Congratulations on the Hanover!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Arrrgh chaz, that's so frustrating. I found probs on the website too. Keep trying honey - Tara obviously managed to complete check out.

    BTW, which one is it, so I can go and drool?