Anyone else disappointed with quality lately?

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  1. I've been an avid Mulberry fan and owned probably nearly every style at some point.
    Lately though, I'm a bit disappointed with quality issues.
    The leather seems to be a bit hit and miss and I've had to send a few items away for inspection and repair.
    I hate to say it but although I still love Mulberry, I'm going to try some Chloe bags, as I've always loved their leathers.
    I have a few favourites that I can't part with but have had a bit of a cull and saved some funds along the way!
    Anyone else feeling this way?
  2. Oooooh can and worms!

    I think like corries said it seems everyday someone is devastated because of a quality issue with their bag. It is certainly helping to keep my finances in check because no matter how much I love their bags, I think the only bag I'd be happy to put my money toward is an NVT bayswater... but without snoopy drawings ;)

    Personally I've always loved Anya Hindmarch's collections and I'm still lusting after some of her SS10 collection and some of the AW10 bags look TDF. More than anything catching my eye at mulberry at the moment. That doesn't mean I don't love mulberry, but I'll wait for the bling to calm down a bit before I buy another.
  3. Im feeling exactly the same way :sad: And it is so sad! I still try to stream ebay and Mulberry for new experiences and to fall in love all over again - but it seems like Im falling out of love. I adore some of my bags, I really do. And there are a few of the new ones that makes my heart sing a faint tune. But I think the new Mulberry era is not for me. I hate complaining about bags, that probably lots of both new and older fans of the brand will adore. But for me - if nothing radical will happen re the materials and craftsmanship...defibrillation will be necessary near a Mulberry bag to make my heart beat like it used to do.
  4. i have to say, i still love mulberry and nearly all the bags! My second favourite brand would be chloe though!
  5. Im not too worried about the design of the bags...There will always be something that appeals to someone hopefully. But Im quite annoyed over the quality issues. I've had bags that peel, where the inking is coming off, where the whole backside of the bag has picked up denim colour, where the seams are coming loose...I dont think this is acceptable. A delicate material should be taken care of... but it really should hold up for some use at least, if not for every day purposes.
  6. I could not agree more, rachiem! Even if I so fare, have not experience any leather quality issues myself, I have notice that the leather on most of the new styles is not the type of leather I am willing to spend lots of money on.

    Also for myself, I am not too keen on their new styles. Most other designers have a much more ladylike or grown ups handbags this season (and yes, I am a grown up) and I just love that style (more boxy and not slouchy). :smile:

    So ATM the only mulberry I want is an oak e/w bay. And since the price apparently is going up again I better get it soon!! I also have the feeling that the style is not going to be made for much longer, that is another reason to get it soon!
  7. i feel the opposit way. i used to be a chloe nut and after MANY problems with quality and no back up what so ever i turned to mulbery and have embraced their new fun ideas! i love that they are trying new leathers and colours
    i love the fact that IF there is a problem you have the 12month promise! not a lot of other brands offer this. there have been probelms with chloe including the heloise problem with the handles. and tpfers knowing that nothing would get done about so took it upon themselves to fix thier bags! i have heard a story from a tpfer friend where she sent her bag to chloe and they said they had fixed it but it came back inits orginal state and plus the dustbag was missing!

    its a tough one because some of the leathers mulberry havent worn the way we expected like the plonge or for me the cosmic leather but its reassuring that we can send bags back.

    i think they are highering the prices to keep up with the likes of chloe as mulberry is getting seen pretty much everywhere at the moment.
    beacuse they are foing this i find my self not eve thinking about buing a full price bag but waiting for it to get to outlet!
  8. I totally agree! I'm in love with the carker with the shoulder strap. I think she's fab. I have lots of her little bits but no bags yet. There should be a TPF Anya forum!
  9. I am quite new to Mulberry and have stuck to the classic Bays plus one Mabel. The leather on all is great IMO, however I have read a lot on this site of unhappy customers.:tdown:

    So for that reason I am sticking to what I have and if the new Apple Bays somes out in Black NVT(Does anyone know if this is going to be the case????) I will prob invest in that.:graucho:

    As for the other styles, they are not really for me and although I considered the Alexa, the quality issues have put me off.:nogood:

    It's such a shame but maybe that's how things are these days when companies out source to foreign countries to make the at a cheaper rate IMO.:shrugs:
  10. I used to only have Mulberry, and no other designer bags or shoes or clothes... I was in love with Mulberry for the quality and "last-longiness"
    ... In the past year though I "had to Cheat" on Mulberry with Zagliani, Gucci, Dior, Anya and McQueen...
    Mulberry lost a lost of money as my custom. And, I am sure, a lot of yours. And Emma is still laughing happily... despite reality.
    In reality the brand may well end up like Luella...
  11. Personally (and I know I only have a small collection) I've not encountered any problems. I love the quality of all my bags.

    The profits are going sky high as I swear when I'm walking around Manchester every other person has an alexa!
  12. I always thought of myself as a mulberry girl mainly, but I've really been looking at other brands lately. If I had the money I'd switch to fendi and chanel..
  13. I feel like I should want a Chanel but I dunno, something I'm not sure about.
  14. Don't get me wrong, the bags I have I love.
    I won't touch the buffalo now though after 4 bad experiences and the new bags just don't seem to do it for me...
    I just can't bring myself to spend £1k on a new Paraty and might wait for the sales.
  15. I'm obsessed with the anthracite carker and the bilton... and still lusting after the gracie in black or tan :heart::heart::heart:

    There is one thread but it's not busy at all