Anyone else disappointed in the Heritage Stripe line? What do you think?

  1. I was so excited to see the Heritage Stripe line, especially the:yes: PINK!!! But when I saw it in person yesterday, I was really disappointed :tdown:. I thought that the material looked cheap, like that plastic coated canvas that Dooney and Bourke uses. Does anyone else think that they look too cheap? I guess I am spoiled with the regular signature material and the only benefit that I can see with the new material is that it might be easier to clean, but I would rather be more careful with my bag and have it look more refined.

    Otherwise, do you think it is something that I will have to let grow on me, as I really love the pink?
  2. The Heritage Stripe line looks cute, but it's not really my style. It's always a gamble trying to let something grow on you!!! :smile: But if you really love it, I say go for it.
  3. I have a really hard time with the coated-canvas look (even the LV ones aren't that appealing to me) but I'm hoping that in time it'll grow on me cuz it's looking like every brand/designer is doing this coated-canvas thing.
  4. I agree I have never seen Coach make such an unattractive line of bags and so cheap looking. I think it will get easily dirty. The handles are almost like rope....i can see it getting dark and dingy. I think I am too spoiled. I have yet to own a signature coach bag for my collection. I have only Leather legacy bags with the exception of my two Mirandas....But to answer your questions. I can see how some think they are cute. I think they are more for teens and as a vacation bags..................BUT I LOVE COACH!
  5. I am disappointed that there are so few items with the blue stripe!!! I mean, really. How do they decide what colors to make what items in? why not make a blue stripe for that adorable mini make up case? grrrrrrrrrr
  6. I saw this bag months agoat Macys and I about fainted when I saw it , to me it looked like a fake( I knew it wasn't ) , then I found out about the coated canvas and I know a lot of women love it I personally don't like the coated canvas signature

    Maybe they should do make a coated canvas with the scribble print , it would make it easier to keep clean
  7. IMO I wouldn't use one as a handbag, however, I'm looking at one of the larger ones to use as my work tote. I think the coated canvas would hold up well.
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  9. I thought it was only me. I bought the set before it was in stores and when I received it I was soooo disappointed. On the ther hand I think I am getting the swingpack and mini skinny for my 13 year old niece because its easy to clean.
  10. As far as the smaller accessories, I think they are nice, but I can't see paying so much for the largeer pieces.
  11. the coated canvas is okay to me, but the straps do nothing for me.
    if the straps were different, i'd probably get it. :shame:
  12. I think it's cute but it's not really my style. But, if it came in black, it would be a whole 'nother story... :graucho:
  13. I felt just the opposite when I saw them IRL. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft the coated canvas was, and I thought they looked quite nice. The straps are no different from the strap they have put on swing packs for quite some time, and because they are summer bags I don't see an issue with it. The bags are not my style and I won't buy one (summer bags in general aren't for me), but I would definitely consider the coated canvas in a different style - a fall style with leather straps, for example. I bought a Heritage Stripe zip around wallet, though.
  14. I'm not that impressed - they are nice and I can see the appeal but they don't fit my style - maybe as a beach bag.
  15. I am not so sure yet.. I saw a piece in the store months ago and thought it was hideous.. but a lot of that was the color too. I want to see them irl before I say.. I like how it would be more cleanable but other than that... to me it would make a great travel tote or beach bag but I don't want to spend that much on one. I do think the idea of it in the swingpack is ideal because to me that is when I would use a swingpack at amusement parks, etc and that material would be perfect! :okay: