Anyone else dealing with Laryngomalacia?

  1. Hey TPFers! I've been addicted to this site and I'm typically on the Louis Vuitton and eBay Forum but today I decided to explore and came across this parenting forum. I didn't realize this website had so much variety:smile:

    Anyway, I wanted to see who else is dealing with or has dealt with a child with Laryngomalacia. For those who are dealing with or have dealt with this condition, I'm sure I don't need to elaborate any further but for those who are just curious about this thread, it's a condition where the airway is floppy so when the baby breathes, they make loud noises and in severe cases, it can affect the baby's breathing.

    My son is 6 weeks old and in the past week, his condition has gone from mild to what I think is a more severe case. I have an appt to see the doctor on Monday but until then, I wanted to get advice from as many people as possible to see how you're coping with it. And for those who went through it in the past, how long did your child have to deal with it before they outgrew it? I would love to hear from anyone who can offer any insight for a worried/concerned parent.
  2. I haven't dealt with this, but I'm so sorry you're going through it. It sounds like a scary condition especially for such a young baby. I hope your doctor has some good advice or medicine to give you on Monday and I'm glad it's a condition that your little one will outgrow. :hugs:
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    I posted a short reply to you in the other thread, Winston was diagnosed with laryngomalacia at one week old. He couldn't sleep and if he did, he choked in his sleep and his stridor was extremely loud that I can hear it from the room next door.

    So I noticed that you are taking him to ENT next week- but I'm just wondering, did the stridor just started recently? Because we knew something is wrong as soon as we took him from the hospital. The pedi was so sure that he got laryngomalacia at the very first visit (3 days old) but suggest for us to go to ENT just to confirm his diagnosis. And it was indeed laryngomalacia, this all happened in the first week.

    Winston got silent reflux due to the laryngomalacia (SO common! - and this is why he choked in his sleep), so I'm not sure if your son has something similar. He was on Zantac (ranitidine) but that didn't work. I begged the pedi to give Prevacid instead after reading how Zantac didnt work for many babies with this condition. And it helped. Remember this medications will not make the reflux goes away, it is more to reduce the tummy acid to go up to his throat and hurting the food pipe (Winston refused his bottle when his throat hurts). Have the feedings been ok for your son? I was obsessed with counting his intake because the doc told me that if he refused to eat and become dehydrate, they wanted to put a tube on him and I was so against that.

    Babies with this condition cannot sleep flat. When they lay flat, the airway is blocked even more. This is the reason why your baby can only sleep one hour at the time. You can try to put a wedge underneath his crib mattress. I tried it but he was born 5lbs7oz and he was so small that he rolls all the way down and me/DH ended up taking turn holding him all night all so he can sleep :sad: He hated his swing so we tried bouncer and it worked. I bundled him up with his favorite blanket and let him sleep there next to me, but I didn't discover that until he's about 9 weeks :-s

    I only transitioned him to his crib when he started to outgrew it. It was quite a challenge to make him sleep in his crib again but it can be done. In the mean time, you just have to do what you need to do so he can sleep.

    Sorry for the long reply, but good luck on Monday and PM me if you need to ask me anything. Lots of hugs to you and the baby :hugs:
    He WILL outgrow it, I promise. Winston is now a happy 15.5 months, no more stridor and he loves playing with his twin brother. He still much thinner that his twin brother, but his weight gain is steady and he's hitting all the milestones.
  4. I'm so happy to see your response. Thanks so much. My son hasn't turned blue yet thank goodness--hope this means his case is not severe!

    I noticed something was wrong at the hospital as well. He breathed so loudly that I wasn't able to get any sleep with him in the room. His birth weight was 8 lb 12 oz so I attributed the breathing to his higher weight. He also fed and gained weight so well that I didn't think anything was wrong. Then at two weeks, he started having these breathing episodes where it looked like he couldn't breathe whenever he would cry or get irritated so I brought him in and doc said it sounded like mild larangomalacia but he wasn't worried enough to send him to an ENT. His oxygen levels were also fine so I wasn't worried either. Then at 5 weeks, the breathing got worse--he would be sleeping and then look like he's trying really hard to breathe but couldn't and then wake up grasping for air. Your situation sounds so much like what I'm going through. We hold every night while he sleeps an hour or so. My husband and I take shifts. We also switched him to hypoallergenic formula this weekend because he's developed eczema and I hope this will help with the reflux as well. My DD had severe eczema as a baby and hypoallergenic formula was all that would help. Even breastfeeding didn't help which surprised me.

    Thanks for the support and this won't be the last you'll hear from me :biggrin:
  5. Thank you! I'm hoping he outgrows it sooner than later :smile: