Anyone Else Dealing with Depression and/or Anxiety?

  1. ^^ I didn't have to do a blood test before my doctors put me on medication. We are currently still looking for the right medication to deal with my depression; since everyone reacts different to different medication.

    I've tried Celexa [Gave me suicidal thoughts], Prozac [ I felt no benefit and the side effects were fustrating] and am currently starting Zolof [I'm hoping this is the right one, getting tired of trying new medication]. I restarted therapy and I see no point at the moment.. Things still feel hopeless for me. [It took me several years to find the courage to seek treatment]

    To TP::hugs: You're not alone! I've had depression since childhood and I still can't tame it but I am still able to hide it from those around me.

    I can relate to being overly sensitive; although it has distanced me from others! Sorry about all the trouble you have had in the past year.
  2. I have not had an easy life in many ways. Some times have been good, others have been really bad and I have been depressed before.

    I'm slowly learning that everything goes in cycles. The bad times can't last forever and I try to remember that.

    I know it's not much but that's the only advice I have. You are lucky that you seem to have a supportive husband.
  3. These experiences everyone has had shows why we need a really good psychiatrist to work with us to find the right medicine (s).

    I started on Lexapro which worked for awhile then didn't seem to help much even with increased dosage. Switching to Celexa has helped. My internist suggested Xanax for panic/anxiety, but the psychiatrist said Klonipin has a longer half-life and I can take much less of it to level the anxiety. I barely take any at this time.

    Some people will say to learn to live without the meds. If my chemical make-up is off, then I need the meds to life a fuller life. It can take time. Years ago some doctors prescribed the older anti-depressants--talk about strange thoughts and sleep disturbances, wild heart palpitations! The newer meds are a godsend for some of us.

    Best wishes to everyone for help with their depression and anxiety.
  4. I also find caffine and chocolate makes anxiety worse......Eating well to keep blood sugar levels seems to help with my anxiety.
  5. Girl i can feel you i am so sensitive too..sometimes people just do not understand do they!!! Aww i am so glad you had a good time with your husband, have a great rest of your weekend!!
  6. I have suffered from depression since I was a young teenager. It runs in my family unforunately.

    I have been on and off medication since I was about 13/14. Started on Zoloft, and that worked until I was around 20. No major side effects except for nausea when I first would start taking it (I had periods when I wasn't on it and then went back on to it).
    That had always been through a GP then I started seeing a psychiatrist when I was 20.

    Tried Cipramil (btw, I'm in Australia so some of the medications may have different names). That just made me feel like I was walking through a fog. Went onto Efexor that has, for the most part, been great for me. I did go through one bad period in 2007, and then I went on to a combination of Efexor and Avanza. This was good for my depression, but I put on a lot of weight (about 15kg, which when you are under 5 feet tall is a lot).

    At the end of 2008 I moved interstate and changed jobs, and was able to come off the Avanza. I'm still on Efexor.

    For the most part my depression is under control, but recently I have been feeling very unmotivated about things. That's a change for me, because normally my depression would cause me to be bursting into tears at the drop of a hat/high anxiety etc. I've found out I have low Vitamin B12 and Iron, so hoping once that gets sorted out I will start to feel a bit more motivated.

    My close friends know about my depression, and try to understand, but like a lot of people who haven't suffered from it, want to find a cause, so I would get comments like "why are you depressed, there is nothing wrong with your life". Um... thanks, but that doesn't help!
  7. I am having a super hard time with depression and anxiety. I am on a medication combo but I think it needs to be tweaked.

    I think there are three reasons; 1. crappy spring weather, 2. kids being home on vacation (chaotic house; feeling trapped) and 3. not working out as hard as I should be. I know my race is still 16 weeks away, but I feel like I am not making progress endurance wise.

    I feel like I have zero motivation and am only going through the motions with life.

    Anyone else feeling blue?
  8. There are days when "going through the motions" dont seem worth it.
  9. :hugs:
  10. Big hugs to you -It always amazes me how "twisted" some of these threads become and how "certain" posters will always try and turn the threads into something that they where not supposed to be, some folk just like "stirring trouble".......sad really xx
  11. This thread was created last August. OP, I hope things are looking up for you now. I would love to hear an update on how you have been. :hugs:
  12. :hugs: and support to everyone on here who is suffering.

    I have had depression and anxiety since age 11/12. In college I started getting treatment with a variety of depression medications; eventually I found Wellbutrin to be the most effective.

    At 26 I tried a raw vegan diet for about six months, and I was able to quit the medication for good. I have maintained a healthy (i.e. lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of protein, low-glycemic-index foods, healthy fats, plenty of vitamin B-12 and B-6) diet since 2006, and have added regular exercise, including cardio and strength-training (in other words, "working up a sweat" regularly).

    I've found that combining the diet and exercise and making some lifestyle changes have been the only ways I can effectively manage my depression and anxiety. If I don't work out, I get insomnia; if I do work out, I sleep like a log and the anxiety is considerably lessened. I also had to make a career change--for ten years I made a living as a professional musician, but the stress and uncertainty financially was a component of what made me depressed. I changed careers a few years ago, and while every job has its stresses, the stability of a regular paycheck that doesn't depend on how well you can play an instrument on any given day in front of hundreds or thousands of people makes a difference personally.

    Coming to peace with certain parts of my personality and learning to value and care for myself has helped, too. Counseling might be a good route for some people struggling with depression and anxiety.

    These are things that personally worked for me. I wanted to share in case any of them prove to be helpful for people here, too.

    Best wishes and keep fighting until you find what works for you--you are worth it!
  13. *bump*
    I have a doctors appointment Monday to talk to my doctor about my "anxiety" issues.
    I figured I have anxiety problems because the smallest issue can stress me out, and I will worry myself to death until it's resolved or I know things are okay. I think too much as in I'm afraid to do certain things because my mind gets the best of me. I can't walk around my mall by myself because I worry about there being too many people around, or I'm afraid to drive into the city alone, because I'm afraid to go onto a 3,4, or 5 land high way, I'm afraid to go to new towns by myself because I worry myself to death about getting myself lost.
    I'm always thinking the worst case senior. I realized tonight though after talking with my mom that I do need to get into see my doctor and talk about this. She also told me that anxiety can be hereditary. My mom and my nana have it and also my grandma used to have it.

    My mom asked me if I felt like I was being weighed down, as if I have all this pressure on my shoulders. With her simply asking me that, I broke down crying.

    I no longer what to limit myself because I worry too much or think too much, I'm tired of little issues or conflicts stressing me out to the point I give myself a headache.

    Also right now I'm really being hard on myself. I quit my job because I was being harassed and treated unfairly by my employer. I know feel like I'm worhtless without a job, and even though it's only been a week since I quit, and I have plenty of money to hold me over for a good while, I stress myself out about the money, about not going out and spending ANY! I've been emailing,mailing,faxing my resume for the past 3 weeks (I have been looking for a better job even while employed, but I eventually couldn't take my current employer anymore) And even though it's only been a short amount of time, I'm freaking myself out think I'll never get another job.
  14. :hugs:You're not alone, I sometime get the "cyber bullying" thing as well, and like you said it is hard to convey online conversation and emotions. Some people just take it that way they find they hear it in their mind. I guess I sometimes come off as rude too, but I've learned if I'm being lighthearted and don't mean anything serious I always try to ad a smiley LOL in hopes people will catch the hint that I mean no harm by what I just said!
    I hope things keep looking up for you and only get better! And I do agree the ladies over in the Coach thread are amazing and I think they are a lot sweeter there too :smile:
  15. I have always said I hate complete silence when I go to bed. That it shouldn't be so quiet I could hear my own heartbeat. That the idea of that freaks me out. Normally, that's true.

    But during those times when I get really depressed (like now) complete silence means I start thinking about the very thing that's the cause of my depression.

    And I hate that, because I spend most of my time trying to forget about it. I don't deny it's there. I don't deny that I'm depressed. But when I'm having fun, I don't want to be dwelling on it.

    And sometimes I don't do a good enough job forgetting about it when I'm having fun. Then to people who don't know what's going on I look like the crazy person who bursts into tears for no reason.

    The highs are amazing. I'm on top of the world and it's all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. But the lows are equally as intense. Like, curl up in the fetal position in the corner intense.

    I knew I was upset more often than usual but I just thought I was going through one of my 'I don't like the way my life is going' periods. This time, the sad didn't seem to go away.