anyone else crazy like me?

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  1. i have a dustbag in my purse to keep my vernis cles inside to prevent color transfer. i happen to have a black epi wallet in my bag also.
  2. i have a dustbag in my purse(vernis bedford) to put my purse in to prevent color that too much? I am soo scared of color transer
  3. haha i used to do that w/ my reade, i would carry a white hanky so that i wouldn't lay my purse down on anything that might transfer
  4. Not me, I have been throwing my perle cles into my bag with my black mat wallet and other stuff every single day, rain or shine, for more than a year already. Still looks good spanking brand new.
  5. Well don't blame me if you unrobe your vernis piece and bad things happen to it.
  6. haha im really careful with everything. most of my bags still look brand new cause i baby them.
  7. I was using the dust bag to store my groom agenda when it was in my purse but I've recently stopped. I consider that a minor breakthrough.

  8. Same here!!

    I keep my vernis Frambroise agenda in its cover at all times:smile:
  9. Not crazy, you just care about your items!
  10. I keep my groom agenda in its dust all the time.
  11. I keep my Bronze Vernis Ludlow wallet in its little dustbag in whatever bag I happen to be using at the time. It may be anal, but I want it to stay as new-looking as possible and it's working!:wlae:
  12. i probably would be if i had received a dustbag with my cerises cles

    must ask for one the enxt time I'm in the store
  13. i won't put things down on just anything. in my office i have to put my bags on white paper or a magazine or something. lol
  14. I don't think you're crazy. You're just being cautious! I would do that too, if I were you. In fact, knowing that I would need to be extra careful is enough deterrence from buying any vernis stuff.
  15. haha. i think i would be just as crazy if i had anything vernis.