Anyone else coveting a Mulberry Bayswater??

  1. I am totally loving this I just have to find a way to afford it!!
  2. I got a Mulberry Emmy in Oak for my 21st present, luckily the dear boyf got it for me! Love the Bayswater as well tho, and it's not nearly as expensive as most designer bags! It's a classic as well! I :heart: Mulberry, leather is so soft... :love:
  3. Have you tried the Mulberry outlets? They virtually always have Bayswaters - depending on what colour & size you want.
    I'm not sure where you are in the world but they do post out.The best one is at Shepton Mallet in Somerset in the UK which is where Mulberry has its HQ.
  4. Me! I'm waiting for it to come out in Magenta:

  5. I have a tooled bayswater in almond and chocolate-- it's beautiful and I get tons of compliments on it. Just scratches easily and I'm paranoid with it being close to water as I heard water stains on light colored darwin leather is a nightmare!
  6. Thanks Sara...I have plenty of places to buy one as I'm a London Girl :yahoo: and I've been to the Mulberry shop in Knightsbridge :drool: on several occasions. But at the moment the problem is finding the funds!! Especially as I bought the Dior mini gaucho :love: very recently, which pretty much cleared my savings account :crybaby:

    But I will find a way! :graucho:
  7. I would like a Bayswater...and have to wait until it goes on sale. Used to be at NM online and Saks online -- but seem to have disappeared from the online sites. Any idea why, anyone? I live "far away" and so depend on online purchasing...
  8. I'm near a fairly major US city, and they are hard to find here too. I checked with my local Saks and Neiman's, and neither store carries Mulberry at all any more. Nordstrom does, but yesterday they had only a few, and no Bayswaters. The SA said they'd sent their unsold Bayswaters back to the manufacturer a few months ago. :crybaby:Hopefully I don't have to go all the way to London to find one!
  9. I want one too! I fell in love with the pink one, but here in Italy Mulberry is hard to find and my only chance is Ebay, but right now I can't afford it, I have to wait at least 2 months:crybaby: . Do you know if the outlet in UK do post to other European countries and how much does a Bayswater costs at outlets?
  10. try harrods on-line. They ship internationally and have the bayswaters in oak, black and chocolate!

    I want one too but am saving up!!! (maybe next xmas!!)
  11. I hadn't thought of Harrod's!

    The Net-A-Porter site says they ship to "more than 100 countries around the world."
  12. The Bayswater is beautiful. I just purchased by telephone an Emmy in oak from the Mulberry shop on Bleeker in NYC. I am patiently :sweatdrop: awaiting its arrival. I also have a Phoebe that I love. The leather is luscious. I am obsessed!!
  13. This week I saw two bright coloured Bayswater bags in One in yellow, one in lime-like green, both at reduced price of ~500€. Now it seems that they are already gone.
  14. You can buy direct from Mulberry...I'm not sure where they do/don't deliver to (being a shop-in-person kinda girl who is lucky enough to live near good shops), but on their website it does say 'international delivery is available worldwide'...
  15. Oh, I'm so with you! I think it's very versatile, goes with a lot and is both somewhat dressy and casual at the same time. And the leather... :love: I have laid my eyes on the vanilla Bays, but maybe it's too close in color to my Mulberry Fitzrovia in Chester, both are very light...