Anyone else confused by the resale prices on MJ lately?

  1. I agree with your statement. I think I have been doing the same thing but not quite being able to put it in words as you have done. Bravo! :tup:

    Kuddos to the bag flipper! I have no patience for that..that is a wonderful way to gain some extra $. :supacool:

    Tadpole~ I had heard of stores doing this before, it is dishonest...bummer too. Makes you wary to purchase ya' know?

    I will tell you that when I was younger and worked at Express they never did that. A sale was a sale was a sale.
  2. /\ the good old days...
  3. helloooooo , guyz what ur talking about what sale prices??

    what is the

    i have entered this web site then its a MSN web search engine

    can anyone tell me ??
  4. I have to say that I'm a little shocked by how much some sellers are asking for used bags. There was that indigo Blake that was used and listed for $700+, and I really had to haggle my most recent seller down as he wanted $600 for a Blake in used condition. :s
  5. check out the threads at the eBay forum
  6. i've been wondering if some of my prices were too high too...there seems to be less interest now that the isn't working...

  7. that's kinda high:wtf:

    OMG you got a brick blake??!?!??!?! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:woohoo::yahoo: :party:
  8. You got it Jacy?? You got it?!? Is this the one you asked me about? Do tell woman, we're waiting in suspense here!
  9. should we start a thread for her thithi and make her spill it?? :graucho:
  10. lmao... we should!
  11. I just did. . .sorry about the hijack ;)
  12. heehee. I worked at Express too (many moons ago).

    I thought I was the only one that was frustrated with the high prices on listings. I've been hunting down a bag that was listed at retail, then only 25% off retail. I know this bag was 60% off at Nordies and i had it in my hands (but not the cash that day).

    It's a bummer, but just makes for more fun hunting for bargains.

    I thought the promo had something to do with it, but you ladies make good points for other reasons.
  13. the lack of working right now has really effected my listings :tdown:

  14. Jacy this is huge!! I didn't even see one on the bay! YAY!

  15. No problem! It is all good~ Congrats for finding your grail!!!:yahoo: