Anyone else completely in love with the Burberry Stud Knight bag?!

  1. Yes! This bag is hot. I don't know if I think it's too trendy, I mean, the rock 'n roll motorcycle look never goes out of style, right? Or am I just making excuses to buy this bag???
  2. Mine is on its way to me as we speak from a Nordstrom's in Washington...I live in NY. I was able to buy it on pre-sale at a decent discount and should have it in a few days. YAY!
  3. I saw it in the window display at Burberry 57th NYC and it was calling my name! But I already had something picked out at Chanel right next door.
  4. ehh- I guess I'll be the lone vote of dissent here. I liked it in pics but didn't think it was worth it's pricetag when I saw it IRL (studs seemed kinda cheap IMO).
  5. I think it is pretty...but looks super heavy
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  7. they got some knight bags on eBay once in a while...i just got one recently...brand new with tags too! =)
  8. I love the studded bags but they weigh a ton
  9. this thread is old and i believe the studded knight bag is no longer as popular as it was last year...
  10. OK..Just wondering...I still love the Burberry studded you think its too late to purchase one?? the Prorsum black leather one it hot and I want it...what do you think...