Anyone else collect vintage watches?

  1. I love bags, but I have another obsession: collecting vintage watches. I have about 200 from the Art Deco era -- a few jeweled examples, but I really love the ones with enamel cases. Anyone else? Here are a few of my babies:
    Deco Diamond.jpg Elgin Callot.jpg Elgin Lady and Tiger.jpg Rolex 2.jpg Tiffany 6.jpg Waltham Dia. Enamel.jpg
  2. those are gorgeous! I have an Art Deco Bulova that was my grandmothers the crystal is cracked and it does not work and I am sure it is not an original Art Deco piece but I would love to have it repaired! I have a good size collection (52) half of them are fashion watches.
  3. I love watches. A cracked crystal is an inexpensive repair. Probably no more than $25 at the most. Bulova made some pretty Deco pieces.

    Post a photo when you get a chance and I'll tell you what I know!