Anyone else clean jewelry like this??

  1. I clean my earrings by soaking it overnight in contact solution. The high salt content removes all the dirt and protein on there.

    It works! I swear!
  2. What metal are your earrings? Gold, silver, platinum? I am always looking to find new ways to make my rings look sparkly!
  3. Rose Gold and 14K gold.

    I have other jewelry but they don't need cleaning, the just keep on sparkling.
  4. I'll use mild liquid soap and a soft bristle to clean my earrings and bracelets to bring back the sparkles.
  5. Liz, I tried this yesterday on my engagement ring. It worked perfectly and looks awesome! Thanks for the tip!
  6. Go chemistry!!:yahoo: I knew all those years in class would pay off for something!
  7. A little ammonia mix with water works really well too :yes: :yes:
  8. In my opinion, nothing works better on diamonds than Dawn dish liquid and a baby toothbrush. I was stunned at how amazing my engagement ring looked after doing this. Someone on tpf suggested it a while back. It really works!
  9. you can go to your jeweler and they can either laser clean or polish your jewelry. I maintain mine once a year for polish to also check it's prong and all.
  10. I polish my diamonds all the time. I take my wedding ring in to the jeweler mostly. BUT if Im in a toothbrush and a bit of toothpaste! Makes it sparkle like crazy. If I have more time I actually hace a steamer so I use that. (xmas present last year!)
    Or good old jewelry cleaner that I bought from my jeweler.
  11. You should really use a real jewelry cleaner! Saline solution is nothing more than salt water. Try a non-toxic jewelry cleaner.
  12. I sometimes use tooth paste, seems to work.
  13. Never tried it, but if it's dood enough for your eyes, why not!
  14. Seems like a good idea..need to try that ^^ thanks :biggrin:
  15. i usualyl soak my ring in efferdent for 20min, scrub it w/ a toothbrush , then finish it off w/ a windex shine, wiping it w/ terrycloth.