Anyone else catch the Neverfull piece in today's NY Times?

  1. Hi guys- This is my first post in the LV section; I apologize in advance if this was already posted. I searched but didn't see any mention of this.

    In the Style section of today's (Sunday, August 27th) NY Times, there was small piece on the Neverfull collection. Did anyone else see it? I only own an LV wallet but reading about it and the great price, did motivate me to look more into it.

    However, it also made me wonder how many other people will now purchase these bags?
  2. I think it's been popular since it came out since it was value for money.
  3. JuiceBox, I am not familiar with LV bags so the blurb (and the price) did make me do a seach on this forum to find out more. I just wonder how many others had the same reaction?

    It mentioned that the bags were outselling Speedy's.
  4. Thanks for sharing
  5. I just read it. I wonder if it's really true that the bag can hold 400 lbs (as stated in the blurb).
  6. the price of a neverfull is very tempting, almost makes me want to get one but im saving for something special :smile:
  7. I think it was great for LV to come out w/ a lower-priced collection like the Neverfulls because most people who don't have $1000+ to spend on a single bag.

    That said, I wish they would have done the straps differently. It's the only thing that's stopping me from buying one of them myself.

    I find it very very hard to believe those bags will hold 400 lbs, especially considering how thin the straps are. Besides, what would be the point?! What could people possibly fit into the bags that would weigh 400 lbs? Platinum bars?
  8. My SA told me when they first came out that LV was targeting more buyers, so they developed this line to be a sort of "intro" line for people who had never owned LV, and offer it for a price that was comparable to some other high-end brands.....

    The thing about the straps being able to hold all that weight was also mentioned to me by him, but I doubt most people who own it would actually want to test that was just to make a statement about how sturdy it was, despite the weak-looking handles.

    I'm not surprised it's outselling the speedy, but I think it's just a trend, since the speedy has been out since 1930 and will always be an LV ICON.....
  9. Well, as a born and raised NYer (now living in NJ- waaaa:crybaby:) I wondered how NYers felt about carrying a bag that didn't have a zippered top? Even though we live in a wonderful and safe area of NJ, I still cannot wear a bag that isn't zippered.

    My second issue was, as voodoodoll2005 mentioned, the straps do look a bit flimsy (but I have not seem the bag in person). Also, who in the world carries nearly 400 pounds in their bag??? :confused1:

    I don't think LV intended to market that bag as one that can manage all that weight. Or maybe they did- as a marketing ploy? We are all talking about it!

    Plus, the "low" price point will definitely entice new customers who may remain brand loyal for years to come. Smart move on their part!
  10. As a freelance writer, I also appreciated the header to the piece: "Top Loader". Followed by " En garde, Goyard!" That made me laugh! :p
  11. i'm begining to love the bag and cannot wait for the damier. onto the straps i think it would be nice to widen the straps as they do look so easy to break if you carry too much.

    400lbs i never heard that before but yes i'll def will not test that if i do get the damier.
  12. I read dad saves all the articles on LV and desiginer marketing and goods for me
  13. So does my dad!
    That was a cute little piece about the Neverfull.
  14. I was very tempted to purchase the larger Neverfull bag (I think it was $665) or even the medium Neverfull ($640) because it seemed very affordable for an LV bag. The sales person at the store said they tested the bag to hold up to 1,000lbs! I don't think the straps are strong enough to handle even everyday items and they are so thin, I believe that they would wear down over time. I think the leather ties on the side would weather down as well. So, I spent the extra dollars and got the vertical Batignolles. It just seemed much sturdier and I'm much happier with that purchase.
  15. I'm glad LV made a bag that a lot of people can afford. It's not my style, but it's a nice option.