Anyone else carry a lunch and other crap to work?? Can lunch go in my Bal bag?

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  1. Hi ladies- random question, but I figured you guys could understand.

    I looooove my City. I like that it is just the right size for all my everyday purse essentials. But then there's all my extra work crap- lunch, a can of soda, sometimes a folder and/or my agenda.

    I don't know if I want to switch it all into a Work, because that is too big on a daily basis. I'd love to find a tote that I can carry on occasion that won't clash w/my GSH City.

    Should I look at the Courier (seems SOOO big), the new Sunday tote (also huge, and looks a bit blah for Bal, and I don't like that the top is open), the Papier (where to find this??) or something else?

    Suggestions on non-Bal bags welcome too!! :sneaky: Don't know if it is just too "matchy matchy" to carry a City and another Bal bag.
  2. I used to carry all that to work in my Day. Usually a book to read on my commute too. So that might be an option.

    Or how about the new Velo? Its a similar size to the City, but a little bigger - might be enough for your extra stuff.
  3. Funny you should mention the Velo, I was just eyeing the Cyclade one on Barneys. :smile:

    I also have a Day coming to me. Feels a tad casual for work. But I could be wrong.

    I just love my City so much, I don't want to give her up.
  4. I would not put food in a Bal bag but that is me. My Sunday Tote maybe a bottle of water/my knitting but that is it. I would get a tote for all your other stuff.
  5. Yes, that's my other worry- putting food in my Bal. I'm notorious for having packaging open up, spill, etc.

    Interestingly, I've never had this issue with my kids stuff, so my diaper bags remain pristine. It is my crap I get messed up. Like the Tory tote that got filled with watermelon juice the 2nd time I carried it! Luckily, it was canvas. LOL

    Any thoughts on a cute tote? Seems so simple, but I can't find anything! Longchamps sizes are wrong, Le Sportsac is too sporty, I'm over the giant logos on all of Tory Burch's stuff, many leather ones are just too big and heavy. I don't want to detract from my Bal, but I also don't want to pair her with something ghetto- like the NM GWP tote I'm using now. :smile:
  6. Hey I am carrying a walmart tote! Talk about junk! But it has a lovely black city in it!
  7. i carry an anthra work to work with a city as my purse. my work has SGH and my city has RH so i dont think its too matchy matchy. you could get a work in RH (that way it wont be too heavy when its loaded with all of your stuff)
  8. I also would never carry my lunch in my bal. That's why I hardly ever use them!! I need start using them more, but don't want them to get ruined by the trials and tribulations of my daily life. Getting on the train, possible snow, possible rain, carrying my lunh, carrying pens, spills of water, etc. I carry a Longchamp that gets beat up by all of that. My friend used to carry bals in her Longchamp. Maybe that's a consideration?
  9. I like this idea. I have a bbag I carry to work, and a small tote-lunch bag that I put my lunch in. I got it at the container store and LOVE it.
  10. yeah, I'm torn. I don't want to own things I'm afraid to use! But I also don't want to ruin something beloved w/something stupid. LOL
  11. i carry a city and sometimes if i have a bunch of food i'll take a smaller tote bag and throw in yogurt, banana, granola, snack, and sandwich/salad if i bring lunch that day
  12. I agree... No problem putting a water ball an such in my B-Bag, but food? No way! I wouldn't even do that with less expensive handbags -- otherwise I would be able to ward off vampires 24/7 (I tend to cook with a lot of garlic). My "food" bag, whether it is lunch or going grocery shopping is a navy blue tote I bought on Air France for €1.

    It may be not be trendy, but it's my lunch or leaky food and I don't much care if it matches my outfit.

    Honestly, I take my 05 everywhere, in the rain, snow, and mud, but I'd never ever put food in it. No need to baby it -- I just really don't need people in a business meeting knowing what I packed for lunch that day!
  13. Prada nylon?
  14. I tend to use a Work or Day when I need to carry extra things. I wrap any food in a plastic bag so it it pretty unlikely to spill.

    On days where I have extra stuff to carry (not to meetings or anywhere important) I'm likely to be seen dragging one of those cute coloured nylon roll-up shopping bags around in addition to a Bal. I used to use green bags (you know, the supermarket kind) until someone gave me one of the nylon ones.
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    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    I NEVER carry food or liquids in my bags (especially not Bbags--or any other designer bags for that matter)! :nono: Anything else such as pens, makeup, etc. would go in pouches/baggies or makeup bag before going into my designer bag.

    I agree with others, you should consider using a nylon bag for lunch, drinks, etc.