Anyone else CANNOT get on a wait list for the Damier Neverfull??

  1. Just wanted to check something out and I hope I put this under the right category. Wasn't sure if this should go under Shopping or not, if it is can one of the Admin please move this thread? And sorry!

    But I read on the forum about the Damier Neverfull and am interested in getting that bag later on (outside of the ones I'm currently debating). So I wanted to get on a wait list for that bag in Toronto.

    I was told it was coming out in May 2008, BUT they weren't starting a waitlist yet until March????

    I could have sworn I saw other people post that they were on a waitlist already??

    Just checking up on the SA I guess and seeing if I should call around to get on a waitlist somewhere else then.
  2. Depends on stores.
    Mine started waitilists for almost every bag that is being released this spring/summer. Also SA have client books(at keast the stores I shop have) and he/she writes down requests and call me when they get the bag in...I always tell him I like the bags out of the first shipment to the store. He is soo wonderful
  3. Just went today and found out that my store isn't starting one yet. :sad: I guess it's because they weren't too sure when it would be coming out.
  4. Why don't you call 1-866 LV number and get on their waitlist? I am on their waitlist and my SA name is Olivia in case you want to use her too...
  5. I've been on the list since October. I haven't checked it in a while, so I hope I'm still on it.