Anyone else burp a lot?

  1. This is so weird to post and I hope it doesn’t gross anyone out, but I have noticed that maybe within the past year I have been really burpy. It seems to be the worst really late at night. They also aren’t really large burps, just small ones that are so frequent. Sometimes acid comes up, which is really nasty, or it will leave my stomach feeling quite upset. :yucky:

    I don’t drink any carbonated drinks or alcohol which seems like it would trigger burping. I only drink water and a cup of coffee in the morning. As far as food, I’m not on any special diets or anything like that.

    Another weird thing is that I cannot burp on my own. You know how when you were a kid and you’d burp just to burp? I have never been able to do that. I just burp when my body wants to. I cannot force it. Until about a year ago it was pretty rare for me to burp. Now I do it all the time and I am getting sick of it! Last night seemed especially brutal. DH is probably sick of it too because I usually just let them rip in front of him. :shame:

    Is there anyone else here to suffers from excessive burping? Is there any ways to prevent this? :sad:
  2. A ton!!!
    My mom and sister are the same way. My mom finally got put on Nexium a few years back and it has helped tremendously. It helped when I took it, but I forget to take it consistently... but ask your doctor about it!
  3. i burp alot now too! but i think it's because i tend to swallow alot of air in when i eat and stuff, because i only burp during and after meals... =T
  4. I cannot burp. Never been able to, even as a kid. I burp like maybe 2 times a year, and it always feels like I'm going to be sick if I do. My burp-reflex is broken!
  5. omg, me too! I've always felt like a freak of nature because I can't... even when I feel like I need to.
  6. ^That was like me up until about a year ago. I don't know where all this burping came. It sucks because sometimes it can be painful.

    I will be going to the doctor this month for my yearly and will definitely bring this up.

    Thanks for everyones help!
  7. Is it diet? For me I burp a whole lot when I take beans(all kinds baked ones, soya, long beans), cauliflower, brocolli, snow peas & mint(spearmint, peppermint), garlic & cheese even. I stay away from all these as much as I can.
  8. I hardly ever burp. For some reason, it just doesn't like coming up that way. So I release it the other way. Feels just as good, oh yeah. And an awesome weapon! ;)
  9. haha this cracked me up :roflmfao::yahoo:
  11. ^Yikes. I am going to call my doctor to make an appointment for next week. I get the acid burps probably once a day at least. It's horrible!
  12. Talking while you eat will definitely fill your belly with gas!

    One of my pet peeves, speaking as an American, is that Americans just don't bother to take the time to close their mouths, chew their food, swallow it and THEN continue the conversation. I absolutely hate going out to eat with people that talk and eat at the same time. Or to paraphrase a line from Miss Congeniality: "I was too distracted by the half-masticated cow in your mouth to hear what you said."

    Why is it that Americans don't bother to take the time to ENJOY their meals anyway?....
  13. I know, I hate when people chew with their mouths open :yucky:
  14. I don't burp a lot. All the gas I have comes out......the other way.
  15. My colleague burps all day long, out loud. And I mean very loud, I might add. Very annoying.

    I have the occasional burp, but mostly after drinking a glass of cola.

    Oh and my mother's dog burps a lot and it sounds like a grown man is burping. :nuts:
    I'm sometimes so embarrased when I'm walking her and she burps when someone walks by. :shame: