Anyone Else Broke?

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  1. Jeez! Just venting!! I cannot buy anymore bags right now, and all I see are great bags, sigh. I bought Cabas Mezzo last month, and just got charged for the two Gucci Hobos. My husband is like put the debit card down (expletives deleted) ! :sad:
  2. Yep. I'm having to restrain myself which is tough. So many nice bags out there!!!
  3. I'm so broke...I want the Damier Koala wallet so bad, but I can't spend the money right now...I'm supposed to be saving it...But it's killing me not to have this wallet!!!!
  4. So broke, I just bought a ludlow.. pictures to come when I get it !
  5. I have to wait too.. until I'm out of school and have a real job :P that goes for bags at least.. but I have a couple of small purchases planned, like the LV MC small ring agenda :love: My fiancé told me I should wait until I got a job, but I said "I need a place to keep track of all my job interviews!" :amuse: So I'm getting one soon :lol:
  6. Oh I love the ludlow wallet! I have the classic monogram and it's perfect :love:
  7. Jep, I´m, always broke...
    well, I just payed 300kr for a new piercing, so....but always broke... :smile:

  8. hubby just bought a new truck...down payment means my "expense account" cc does not get paid off in full this month. :evil:

    Well ladies, I guess we will have to live vicarously through others this month. I'm not complaining I did just get a new twiggy.
  9. Sigh, I shouldn't complain either, I think I'm cranky b/c of the long wait on the Guccis :Push: Love the Twiggy Loganz!
  10. me..................... i can't afford a LV wallet...... think I have been complaining non-stop.

    pardon me for being so spoilt!! :sick:
  11. me too!!! I'm always broke.....:sad:
  12. Thank you - which Gucci are you waiting for?
  13. I obsessed about those large Hobos with the horsebit handles for months, I got the tan and the red from the new S/S collection, not completely sold on the red tough, I'll probably exchange for black.
  14. oh - very nice - I hate wait lists!!!

    Perhaps if I ever have children I will develop that skill called "patience"; yet, my hubby says that he is our "child". :suspiciou
  15. yeah, i'm on a thight budget too. but only til february, then i can go shopping again.