Anyone else breakin out an older Coach for fall?

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  1. I am planning on using my Chelsea hobo in Mineral. I haven t seen anything new that I like as much as this bag!
  2. I have the bleeker bag in my avatar in wine, new with tags just waiting for me to use in the fall.
  3. I have an older Coach that I haven't used in a few years that I'm going to use this fall for sure - it's a Lg. Duffle in a Brown Suede patchwork -it's really pretty. I also have a Bleeker Lg. Flap that I love - in the dark green.
  4. I have a brown suede gallery tote that I have been using every fall - winter.
  5. I will be carrying this bag during snowy weather: Hamptons Pebbled leather Business Carryall. Don't remember when it came out, but I know it was old when I bought it last Fall at the outlet for $147...

  6. A really sweet tPF'er asked if I could show pics of my Mineral Chelsea Printed Python Satchel.:heart: When I took it out to take pics I thought maybe I'll sell it, then I thought maybe I'll wear it again in the fall.:yes:

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  7. I will be using a lot of different bags! Mikey, Coach, Louis, and my Pierotucci when it gets here!
  8. I'll be alternating between my new LV Hampstead and my black Mandy from last fall (complete with skull keyfob!). Can't wait to break her out!
  9. I rotate most of my purses, but in the fall, I'm going to start using my brown signature gallery tote more than usual.
  10. I'll primarily be using my Whiskey & Black Ali Slims. :woohoo:
  11. That is an absolutely beautiful purse. I regret not buying it when it hit the outlet a few months ago.
  12. WOW. :nuts: What can I say that is really bee-u-tea-ful. Oh I mean blech, ick you should TOTALLY sell one of us can find it on ebay....Heh. j/k.
    What is the style number on this one if you don't mind me asking? I think I have to add that to my endless wishlist.
  13. I have never seen this bag before. It is absolutely stunning!!!!!
  14. I actually have my patched plaid Dooney bucket that's been safely packed away for the end of fall/winter. :smile: it was an Xmas gift from hubs, and I lurrrrve it...I switched to my Sig hobo for the spring/summer :smile:
  15. Have a lily I need to break out and a new Mulberry Bayswater I need to carry but I want a grey and a purple bag for fall....maybe Coach maybe not.....don't know yet