Anyone else boycotting Shea Moisture?

Sweet Fire

Beauty & Class Unite
Oct 13, 2012
On the water
The internet has been going crazy over Shea Moisture commercial excluding Black dark tone women with Kinky hair in their commercial. I didn't catch the commercial but saw it and the responses on-line but it wasn't the commercial that really made me side eye Shea Moisture but the release of their board of directors and there is not a Black woman on the leadership team. Which I find very odd for a company that's Black owned and built it's empire soliciting to Black women. I do use a few of the products however I won't anymore because it's very disturbing that their company culture excludes people of color.


Feb 16, 2016
Yes! I vowed to finish the rest of my products and not re-buy. I recently purchased some Cantu Products and fell in LOVE!