Anyone else bought the MC Ursula yet!?!?!

  1. Hey everyone!!

    Just wondering whether anyone else has bought the Ursula yet?! If so will you all post up some pics!! I am dying to see them......... :p

  2. I just got one, but I think I am going to take it back. I love the bag and think it is gorgeous, but it is extremely heavy. IMO, heavier than the Manhattan GM. I didn't really notice it in the store, but once I got it home and put my stuff in it, it was really noticable. You can carry it on your shoulder, but the shape is awkward. It has a very wide base. I am so disappointed. I think I am going to get the speedy instead.
  3. I think Frozen_Alaska has one in black.
    I really like it and if you do then you should get it:yes: I don't think it's heavy at all
  4. By all means if you love it get it. I still think it is a gorgeous bag, but for some reason it seems really heavy to me.
  5. It's pretty but when I saw it in real life, boy, it's a big bag!
  6. not yet but I really want one. I am on a ban until the end of summer, hope to buy it then.
  7. Really?! Does it look really huge? I am just so worried about it being too big cus I REALLY want to buy an Ursula and I have been dreaming about it for a couple of months already...but still no sign of release date yet for it in the UK! :confused1:

    I hope it suits me.......!

  8. I don't think it's *that* big. In comparison to the MC Speedy, which I think you were once interested in, the Ursula's about 3-4 inches longer in length, but its width is about 2 inches smaller at the base. So i'd say that the two bags are about the same size:yes:

    hmm... I dunno about the UK, but it's been out for a while in Canada. I was playing with it a few weeks ago :yes:
  9. It's out already in Melbourne. I don't mind it, but still getting used to the idea of it. Reminds me of Balenciaga actually.
  10. Awwww i need to see......! Yeah I was interested in the speedy few weeks ago but colours weren't right.... :crybaby: so didn't end up getting one. I did suit the speedy even though I am tiny but I guess i may suit the Ursula too.......!?!?
    Why is it out everywhere apart from here!!? I can't wait any longer...:hysteric:
    I need one now!
  11. Its out in the UK! But you cant get hold of it. Waitlist only (both Marilyn & Ursula). Try to view the uncollected item at at the New Bond Street Store.
  12. Wow really! Shame I can only get to Manchester! I am on the waiting list still waiting for the call....!!:confused1:
  13. Awww just found out that they have actually released the Ursula in the Manchester store! Shame I can't get to see it till Tuesday when I get my day off!!
    Has anyone here been to see it at the Manchester store?!?!

  14. Hi there, I saw some photos in the new purchases April/May thread and also in the LV in action thread. They were really good photos and should help your obsessing!
  15. Here are just some of my pics--- I'm out of town right now and most of my pics are on my comp at home.... hope it helps!