Anyone else bought the Coach perfume?

  1. Did anyone else purchase the Coach perfume? I broke down and did!
    My SA told me that they are going to come out with a refill for the purse sized spray!
  2. I haven't but I can't wait to get a chance to go smell it!!!
  3. Anyone know how it smells? I'd like to check it out!
  4. I called my store and they sent me a carded spray sample! I love the scent -- there aren't too many perfumes that I really love, but I'm almost positive I'm going to buy this one.

    Can't really describe it though. My favorite scent is Oscar de la Renta and almost anything in the chypre family... and this really does appeal to me.
  5. Its really flowery. Personally I like more clean scents like Clinique, Pink, etc. They said it has no roses in it but still smells flowery to me. Its not something gross like if someone else was wearing it, but I couldn't.
  6. This does nothing for the nose but it's interesting to read, I like to guess at what scents are in perfumes, but Coach takes the guessing right out! . . . Coach Fragrance Inspiration . . .

    I notice the citrus and a pungent scent at first (like a bulb flower) it quiets down and it's nice.
  7. I actually love the smell of it. I went to the store on Friday and they gave me a fabric bracelet that snaps with the scent on it (comes in 3 colors: red, white and brown), anywho I smelled it all day long and totally fell in love with it. I am gonna call them tomorrow and have them ship me the purse spray!
  8. I got the little purse sample that they sent out not too long ago, so I'll probably use that for a while.

    I'm hooked on Vera Wang Princess right now, and DH really likes it - so I think I'll be sticking with that for a while. I am not going to buy for now... but possibly in the future.
  9. I like the scent and I was thinking about getting it but, honestly, I've been asking myself whether I like it just because it's Coach. If it wasn't Coach I am not sure I'd like it enough to buy it. :shrugs:
  10. Yes, I bought the bottle of perfume. I think it smells really nice. I've been wearing it everyday for 2 weeks and really like it.
  11. I have two of the solid perfumes. I personally think that the solid smells slightly sweeter than the spray, so I went with it. I like that I can attach it to the little key ring holder inside my ali bag.
  12. I plan on buying it Tuesday when I go to Coach! My RAOK buddy sent me a small sample spray of it & I love it. It's not too overpowering.
  13. I've held off because I wondered too if it's just because it's Coach that it appeals to me. I would either get the solid or the purse spray to carry in my purse if I did get it. I'm wondering though how the solid will hold up in warmer weather. Anyone know? I don't want it melting in my bag! I have no experience with solid perfumes.
  14. I kind of expected not to like it because it is from Coach! So often, companies, actresses, etc. release fragrances expecting to sell them on their name. I tend to like the classics and although I continuously try new ones, rarely do I find one that I like. (Although I love Marc Jacobs! :heart: The original one.)

    So I was surprised when I really did like the Coach one. I usually spray it on lightly - never rub it - and wait about 1/2 hour before sniffing.

    It's more of a mature scent than I anticipated -- so many today are 'sweet' and 'foody' and I'm glad Coach didn't go down that road. Also glad they did an eau de parfum vs. a toilette or cologne. I won't buy the latter two!
  15. Also, just thought I'd mention this - if you want your fragrance to last forever, keep it stored in the original box and in a dark, cool place.

    It's tempting to want to display the beautiful bottles (and nothing wrong with that, especially if it's your signature scent and you go through it often!), but if you are a fragrance nut like me, proper storage is everything. If you keep a bottle sitting on your dresser for a few years, the scent will change and/or fade.

    Whenever I purchase a new scent, I always decant it into a small sprayer and use the sprayer instead of the original bottle. I keep all my decants in a zipped beauty case and each one is labeled with my handy-dandy label maker.

    I have fragrances that I purchased in the 80's that still smell perfect!