Anyone else belong to Curves?

  1. And if so, how long before you saw any results? Im just curious because for new years, I joined curves, quit drinking on a daily basis, and quit taking paxil to lose the 20 lbs ive put on in the 2.5 years since moving to VA, and NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!!!!! Im so frustrated im ready to quit going, BTW im not that big, im 5'8 and around 150-155 lbs, i just want to get back to the 135 I was before I moved here.
  2. i worked at curves for almost a year...and let me tell you, i don't think it works unless you really need to lose weight (bmi >30).

    you can lose weight the program if you are a maniac on the stations...but then again, people stare:push:

    with your height and weight (which sounds great! proportion wise, that's a pretty good weight to be at) you should just hit the gym and do cardio / weight training
  3. i had a friend who went their and i went with her one day and to be honest i don't think people can really lose just go around in circles or stations but you don't get a REAL cardio work out. I hope it does work for you