Anyone else being tortured like this?

  1. Today I was woken up around 10 am (I am home from college for winter break so I sleep in haha) by my doorbell ringing. I was wondering who the heck it could be and it was the UPS man!! He was bringing my Foley + Corinna Jet Setter JR tote (in espresso, thanks to all who voted)!! My first reaction was YAYYYY IT'S HERE! :yahoo: but after bringing it inside, I realized I couldn't even take her out of the box. :crybaby: My bag is just sitting in it's brown UPS box in the living room. I can't open it until christmas morning. I am very impatient by nature and would love to cheat and open up the box:angel:...but my mom would go ballistic. Is anyone else having to wait until Christmas to open up bags that have already arrived at your home?
  2. no, but good for you for waiting! It'll make Christmas morning that much sweeter!
  3. WOW you are a really good girl cos I woulda ripped it right open. My Hub learned his lesson long ago...nothing for me appears until Christmas morning!
  4. Per the BF, I have to wait til X-mas to open my gift - my RM Matinee :crybaby: The bag arrived yesterday, I had been tracking it all day and when I read it had been delivered I drove home (with packaging tape in hand). Sadly, the BF was just leaving for work as I pulled in the driveway and he hid the package :mad:
  5. Yes! I am having the same dilemna! My grandma ordered me the "Peace Out" Isabella Fiore purse from E-Luxury, and I don't even get to see what it looks like in real life until Christmas! Thankfully, she's got it stored at her house, so I can't cheat! ;) I'm a bit worried though...because I've heard so many people downing this handbag that I think looks gorgeous! Anyways, I actually can't even return it due to their 30-day return policy that's already past, so hopefully I still like it when I see it.

    Be a good girl though! ;) It will be worth it so much on Christmas day when you rip open that giftwrap and you see your lovely purse for the first time!
  6. I share your pain!! I know DH bought me a purse and I can't open it til X-Mas either. Just makes it that more exciting I suppose lol...
  7. No but my husband is! :ninja: lol! I got him a Paul Smith wallet that he picked out (he's really picky so I had to get his opinion first). He's been whining for two days now :lol:
  8. I also feel your pain. I have an Hermes Kelly waiting for me!!!! But it's only 5 days away. Besides my husband hid it in a really good spot and I can't find it. ;)
  9. I'm DH got me a Tano boogie bucket....waiting, waiting, waiting......
  10. I am waiting too, but it's not so bad cause my steel Balenciaga city is waiting for me at my Dad's house in San Francisco, and I am still at home in Southern California. I can't wait for it though!
  11. haha i am so glad i am not the only one! I tried to coax my mom into letting me open it...i haven't seen it IRL so i tried to use that as an excuse but she wouldn't budge. luckily she has moved the box into her closet so now i don't have to stare at it longingly every time i go to the living room.
  12. If I knew there was something I wanted that badly hidden somewhere in the house, I'd tear it up from top to bottom looking for it!! I'm terrible, I have no patience...

  13. I'd do that too but then be eaten up with guilt afterwards!:wtf:
  14. im' not being tortured but mostly because i have no idea what my hannukah (belated) gift is or if my bf has already bought it! and my family are giving me some money once they have some to spare. but i really want to know what i am getting, that is eating me up! i usually get some kind of jewellery and i want to know if i am getting more this year!