Anyone else battling this hellish cold/flu?

  1. I've been in bed since Tuesday fighting this mofo. Every muscle and joint in my body hurt for the first 3 days. Since then, just feel very weak, cough and still a little achy, stuffy headed, etc. I NEVER get sick. Wash my hands 55 times a day. This thing just absolutely kicked my

    I have propped myself up in bed and even typing is a bit exhausting. I need an iron lung. Any other sickies out there? Misery loves company you know...:crybaby:
  2. Aww shoo I am sorry, I had no idea you were sick, no wonder I haven't seen you around much.

    I barely get sick. My inmune system as a good mexican is pretty strong. Lol, that's what my grandmother used to say. But my daughter got that mofo flu, half of the class was sick even the teacher. My daugher got it bad with fever and vomit. She was out of school for 6 days, it was the president's day weekend. Drink lots of water and tea, echinacea?? I think is called that I cant remember but it is very good for you. Keep yourself WARM, socks are very important, keep your footsies warm.

    Take care of yourself, you'll feel better soon and BTW Happy Belated Birthday. :hugs:
  3. I just saw the donkey pic, lol. At least you havent lost your sense of humor.
  4. I'm a lousy Mexican! I'm usually cold/flu proof! I wish my grandma was still around. Every time we got sick she would venture into her herb garden and cook up some kind of tea, soup, salve, ointment or what-not to cure us and it always worked!
  5. I'm just getting over a cold/flu I caught about two or three weeks ago. I was staying with a friend who had a sick little boy. From what I hear though, he is still sick. He keeps relapsing. It really seems to be going around everywhere.
  6. ^^^oh no! I hope he gets better soon! whatever this is, it is NASTY!
  7. Ditto Bagsnshoo, only I'm not Mexican, but my grandmother and great grandmother did this as well.

    The Bros had it, then Dh, I just got a part of it this past week... I'm not horribly sick like you (I have enough chronic problems, I think the Great Spirits are giving me a break) but I do know it hung on with Bros and DH for a solid week or more. Dh sounds like a freight train when he blows his nose.

    Worse part is, now that I feel all congested, they are better and totally forget about doing little things I did for them.. make them tea, give them advice on what to eat, etc.

    I wish it would warm up so I could sit outside in the sun for awhile. Always feel better when bathed in sun. ;)

    Hope you feel better soon hon!
  8. yes! sun would be good. its been cold and rainy here in LA. Feeling better today but weak as hell. my poor doggie wants to go for a walk and I just can't. I'm gonna see if my neighbor can do it later. the pooch does have access to our yard at least. hope you feel all better too Peeds!
  9. bagnshoo -- hope you are feeling better!!! flu has been real nasty this year, I had this a few weeks ago, all of my muscles ached like crazy. Please pamper yourself, for me I love a hot bubble bath and some Tylenol PM to relieve the aches and pains and get a good night's sleep are the answer.
  10. Sorry you have this rotten flu Bagnshoo, there has been so much of it this year! Really hard to shake & many people relapsing. I had it over Christmas for almost 4 weeks like 2 seperate & totally different bouts! UGH!!
    I so hope you will feel better soon! Roll on summer! Stay warn, try fresh lemon juice with hot water & honey!
  11. *raises hand*

    I have been sick for the past week! It sucks.

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!!
  12. Hope you're better soon, shoo. It's been an awful winter. I've had the flu and 2 colds--enough already.

    They (whoever they are) guessed wrong on the flu shots this season. It's a different strain going around, so getting the shot didn't do much good.
  13. thanks guys. feeling better today. just really weak still. hope that doesn't last too long. thanks for the suggestions too - I'm gonna try those. and BMom, I got a flu shot for the first time last fall (doctor insisted) so yeah, guess that was a waste of time!
  14. ^^^

    I decided I would never have the flu shot again! First winter I got it, I got the daddy of all flu's straight away! Next two years I was fine no flu but very bad colds! Also I got an awful reaction in my face, skin would burn & at times go bright red & totally dry. I asked the doctor would it be a reaction to the flu jab she said No probably the cold weather, I knew that was nuts! So this year I didn't have the jab & voila no face reaction.

    Glad you're feeling better today honey!
  15. ^^^flu shots are a scam man! I never had one and never got sick till now! I'm done. I just want the achiness to go away now.