Anyone else astounded by...

  1. the number of birkin fakes spotted these days? No, I'm not referring to those sold on eBay but the ones that you see whenever (e.g. department stores, boutique events:confused1:, grocery stores, etc)? I just realized that maybe a third of my wildlife sightings are actually the real McCoy!

    Am I the only one? It just makes me wonder if the owner's aware or simply doesn't care.:shrugs:
  2. I think that somone just did a poston this last week. I am not sure how to cut a link to it but search fake. To answer your question .... I am not astounded because I have been told (even by my SA) that many bags out there are fake. Some are so good that they even fool Hermes salespeople.
  3. I have said before, but I am starting to feel like a "fashion victim" carrying a Birkin and have switched to Bolides for the time being. I do love Birkins, but I am tired of people staring at them. The Bolide thing is just a phase I am going through, hehehe.
  4. ^^^I'm one of those starers. I usually gawk when I see a Birkin not because I'm impressed, but to see if the bag is fake and if you catch me without my glasses, I'm usually straining really hard to look. So, yes, I have to agree with HL, there are a lot of fakes out there. Oddly enough, most of the time I see them on Madison Avenue and in places such as Bergdorf.
  5. That's why I love where I live.... one of the only reasons, LOL... nobody even knows what Hermes is here.
  6. I'm not surprised. I've seen a few ladies here toting fake Birkin bags around (with stuck-up face! Duh ...) hoping that noone will notice it's actually a fake bag.
  7. I'm with you. Although when people do stare I wonder if it's because they assume it IS fake :cursing:
  8. Unfortuntely see it all the the high end stores like HG said, Bergdorf, Hermes, even the Hermes in Paris, where the craftsmen are sometimes on the floor. What are they thinking? Some fakes I have seen even have a zipper on top of the birkin!:throwup::wtf:
  9. I have been seeing a lot of birkin and kelly bags at my mall, whereas awhile back I didn't see any. I wonder if they are fake. The other day I walked right into a clothing rack trying to get a good look at the ostrich Birkin a woman was carrying!!
  10. Mree That's The Best!!!!
  11. I saw a store—LITERALLY 5 stores down from Hermes on Madison Ave—with FAKE Birkins and JPG Birkins in the WINDOW!! :throwup: :throwup: :throwup:

    And to make it oh so much better....they were FAKE croc/gator in BRIGHT Yellow, Orange and Green! :censor:

    I couldn't believe my eyes!! Amazing! The nerve... :boxing::boxing:

    And why isn't anything being done?! I guess that discussion could go on forever....
  12. Just saw a plastic croc today near tiffany! (kelly bag)
  13. I seldom see Birkins, but of the few I have seen, they looked authentic. If I did see one that was a nobvious fake, I probably would be like "tsk tsk tsk". But I don't spend time wondering or trying to figure out if it was real or not. Thats just me.

    Until they make it a crime, its people's perogative to carry fakes, isn't it? Even if we ALL despise fakes and its sooo wrong, we have to blame the makers, b/c we can't change the people who want to or don't mind carrying the fakes.
  14. I've only seen three birkins IRL so far and all three were authentic (one was a delicious croc that belonged to a very posh looking customer chatting with Hermes SA inside Toronto H store).

    I did see a H bag look-a-like but I doubt the person carrying it was trying to pass it off for a real thing.
  15. In my area if I wore a Birkin (or any Hermes) people would probably just ask if it was Coach (what everyone carries where I live)!!! So sadly, I don't get to see real Hermes.....or fakes. People here are too into the LV fakes!