anyone else as neurotic as i am?

  1. recently i went to the store and i used a store card to buy some stuff. i needed to use a pen to sign the receipt and i asked the associate if she had a pen. she was rifling around for one on the counter and said, "you mean you don't have one?" as she motioned towards my mono speedy 30. i replied, "i never carry pens in my purses because i'm unlucky and mine would definitely leak!" she gave me this weird, disgusted look as if to say, "oh, she wouldn't want to mark up your pretty bag!?!" well darn right, but i don't even carry pens in my less expensive bags. the only writing instrument i ever carry is a mechanical pencil in my organizer. the only other thing that could make a mess in my bags is my lip gloss and that's in my makeup pouch.

    does anyone else fear carrying pens around or am i the lone weirdo on this? :smile:
  2. You are not neurotic at all! I should have learned my lesson about this years ago - I bought a new LV Looping GM and low and behold my pen burst in the inside of the bag and even though I brought it to a specialty cleaner, it's still not completely out.

    And alas, I still put pens in my bags and have the marks to prove it:smile:
  3. I carry pens in my bags, but the SA should NOT say something like that. It was very rude.
  4. i don't think that was very nice of the're not alone in being very paranoid about what we put and not put in our LV bags. I'm scared to death about pen marks or my hand sanitizer or lotion spilling so I always make sure that I put them in my makeup kit. Even if it takes me 2 extra minutes pulling the kit out, putting the pen in, zipping it up and putting it inside my bag, it's worth not having a heart attack when i open up my bag to find my pen leaking all over it! Not a lot of us can easily replace an LV bag since we buy it with our (or our bf's/husband's LOL) hard earned money so I think that SA's in general could be a little bit more respectful of things like these. :smile:
  5. yea! i don't feel so strange! i live in the midwest and maybe 1:10 ppl have nice bags and everyone else carries around run-of-the-mill stuff so an exploding pen or leaky lotion bottle won't hurt anyone's feelings much. it's just not their thing, i understand.

    the worst thing that i had get all over a bag was chapstick! it melted in my bag a few summers ago. that stuff is like candle wax. thank goodness it was a fabric bag from the gap and i could just throw it in the laundry.
  6. ~You're not alone on this one. I too do not carry pen in my bags and I use my Cerises cosmetic pouch for the lipstick/gloss. The comments she made were absolutely unnecessary!:nogood:~
  7. That SA was so rude..sorry to hear this.
    Anyway, since I'm a teacher I often have the necessity to have a pen even in my bag to sign documents, so I do carry pens in my LV bag. But I keep them safe in a small pencil case! :p
    I hope nothing bad will ever happen in my LV!
  8. Would a pen case ease your worry? Montblanc (and I'm sure a lot of other brands) has a really nice pen case for their pens. Or you could even buy a pen case and stick any pen you want into it.
  9. gosh I never thought of the pen exploding.. I usually keep it in the zipper compartment of my bag... but now I may rethink carrying one at you are not neurotic.. you just LVoe your bag!!
  10. I cant believe she talked to you like that. I would of been like no I dont have one or else I wouldnt have asked you for one! How rude !
  11. First off I woulda gave her an attitude adjustment!! And I do carry a pen that twists up to write and I am neurotic about making sure that tip is not up before the pen goes near my bag. I would never buy a preloved bag with pen marks cause I am nutty about them. So your not alone!!
  12. I don't blame you, I don't carry pens in my bags either! It isn't worth taking the chance!
  13. I don't carry pens either! You're not neurotic, just cautious!! Don't let the SA bother you....some of them are so snooty!
  14. I carry everything/anything I need in all my bags - that's what it's for IMO. However, I am careful. I use ziplock bags for my son's snacks/juices and leakproof pouches for pens and make-up.
  15. :nogood: tsk tsk tsk. you're not crazy JennMSU. i carry pens around, but i'm definitely careful about where it goes and what it goes into. the SA shouldn't have said what she did, i mean first of, they're suppossed to have pens for customers to use anyway--even dollar stores have pens locked and loaded for customers to use as they please! but whatever, bottom line, she's crazy and you're not lols ;)