Anyone else as addicted to TPF as me?

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  1. I love it. I find myself on here for hours. eeeeeek:yahoo:. And I look forward to firing it up at night after a long day at whatever I am doing this summer (off for the summer from work). Do I have a hella yeh, from anyone else? :wlae:
  2. I used to be on all the time but I don't seem to get chance anymore!
  3. <--- Me!

    But I also have a lot of time on my hands right now, but that will all change in about 3 weeks.
  4. Hours... And hours... And hours...
    Then again, work doesn't keep me very busy.
  5. Only if I'm home by myself. If my family is around I will only come on for a few minutes at a time!
  6. here here!
  7. I think we all are :lol:
  8. I love TPF! It's my go-to forum when I'm done browsing the internet for whatever it is I'm online for.
  9. yup soon as work starts up again (teacher) I won't be on as much. but for nowers.. am so addicted.
  10. ^ same here! once school starts (teacher too), i'll be wishing for the moments i can come on tpf. right now, i'm avoiding lesson plans and end up on tpf for entirely too long ;)
  11. ^^that'd be so funny if I was chatting with my teacher on tPF. hehe
  12. ^^ahhhh, maybe^^^^
  13. How funny. I'm a teacher too. During the summer it was so fun to be leisurely hanging around on TPF. Now that school is already back in session (for two weeks already!!!) I just have a few minutes here and there when I'm home.
  14. Just look at some of the post counts lol. Clearly you are not alone.
  15. Ummm...yeah just check out my post count... <said in drunken voice even though I'm not drunk>....I LOOOOVE you, mannnnnn.