anyone else addicted....

  1. anyone else addicted to this forum????? :confused1:
  2. :busted :cutesy:
  3. This doesn't belong here!! But yes, many people are... moving this to general!! :yes:
  4. Yep ! Youre def. not alone :smile:
  5. *raises hand* i'm definitely addicted to this site!
  6. It's a terrible addiction!:sweatdrop: :shame: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. omg yes!
  8. Yes, i admit to being an addict! :p
  9. LOL just look at the number of posts by most of tPF's members. Addicted is an understatement :p
  10. ^^ Cristina is right, Im beyond addicted, I even get on here while I'm at right now! lol .
  11. It started out as an evening thing. Then I started logging in before work. Then I started logging in at breaks at work. Now I also log in while I wait for my hubby to pick me up after work. Good grief!
  12. So so addicted....I feel good just "checking in" on things :yes: :yes:
  13. yes
  14. Um...yes. I spend can spend HOURS here at a time! Especially in the last couple months, I've just been posting and reading like crrazy!
  15. Totally...even my 10 year old teases me about it!