Anyone else addicted to Chapstick?

  1. For quite a few years now i have been addicted to Chapstick, is there anyone else out there also addicted? Yes, it sounds ridiculous but i absolutely cannot be without it it i'd freak out :wtf: haha Also, anyone have tips that have perhaps helped them overcome their addiction?
  2. sounds crazy, but my lips are also addicted to chapstick. i take it you don't use lipstick either? i can't. it's too dry. my lips are actually now conditioned to need chapstick...

    sounds so wierd, & i'm guessing since no one is replying they don't use it or will admit it. me tho, even my family & friends know that chapstick is my BFF!
  3. Oh my god, YES!!! it's like I put it on every ten minutes, they probably design it that way :p I use Blistex though, this stuff is chap but feels like gloss once it's on... and the smell/taste is just like lemon meringue pie!!
    Blistex - Herbal Answer(in a funky lime green clear lip tube)
    Blistex - Complete Moisture.
  4. ha i knew i wasn't the only one! I can't go 10 minutes without putting my chapstick on. If i can't find a tube i freak out and search like a mad person. There are about 10 tubes in the house and i keep one in all the cars. If i leave the house and forgot some and my secret car chapstick is lost....i'm obsessed with getting some and have to stop at the nearest store and buy more. My OCD with chapsticks goes on and on. lol
  5. do you always lose yours too??... i think i buy a new one each week, they're tricky. Thinkin about fashioning it onto a necklace so i'll have it handy haha.
  6. i am CONSTANTLY applying it when I am at work. I talk all day and my lips would be so chap without it!!! i love chapstick! lol
  7. i too have 1 in both cars, & in every room of the house.
  8. dude, you are totally my hero! haha i am constantly purchasing new ones and completely FREAK out if i am without it for even a minute! hehe, i even sleep with it...for my wedding, my friend tied a chapstick to my boquet with blue ribbon for my something blue...that's sad :crybaby: and if for a minute i believe i am without my beloved chapstick panic overcomes, i need help
  9. oh yeah its a must have, i swear i own like 20, somehow I always seem to loose it. I change purses a lot or leave it in jean pocket, so I always make sure to have in the car.
  10. I've got them ALL over the place. Sometimes, I'll just randomly find them on accident, for example, in a coat pocket or in the car. :p
  11. Hello. My name is Jessica...and I used to be a Chapstick addict.

    BUT I'M REFORMED!!! Chapstick has nothing in it other than's a false sense of moisture for your poor little lips. I had to wean myself off of it.

    WITH AQUAPHOR!! I love this stuff. It's super moisturizing and it's really multipurpose (I use it on elbows, cuticles, knuckles, etc.).

    So yes, you can kick the habit (if you want to), but you have to switch to a non-dependency-forming product like Aquaphor, Clarins Moisturizing Lip Balm (my holy grail of lip products), Aveeno lip moisturizer, or Kiehl's (I use their tinted balm).

    Seriously, I used to be like a crack addict...I would have Chapsticks in all of my pockets, under my pillow, stashed in the drawers of my desk...everywhere! :lol:
  12. OMG i thought i was crazy but i'm glad i'm not the only one addicted to chapstick. i didnt have one on me today and i was miserable all day. i'm not sure if my lips are now dependent on chapstick or if its psychological but i cannot go without it. my lips start to hurt so bad. i think i need to slowly stop using it because im to the point when i need to apply chapstick like very hour.