Anyone else addicted to bedding??

  1. I can't get enough of comforter and sheet sets:love: . Geez. I just love changing the "feel" of my room.
  2. I used to be when I lived alone. I bought crazy expensive comforters and sheet sets.
  3. envyme - i totally understand! i'm SO with you right now!!! I just got a new bed a couple of months ago and since its getting to winter down here, i'm like out every weekend hunting for the perfect winter sheets... this weekend i'm actually going to look for new pillows and another duvet cover... this will be like my 3rd duvet cover! hehehe! i totally love my new bed and you're SO right... changing the bedding makes the room feel a whole lot different!
  4. I'm addicted to my BED.
  5. YES. I also love the comfort level of my bedding lately. I love getting high thread count sheets and super cushy pillows, comforters, and mattress pads. I've tried some of the "memory foam" products and they are actually quite delightful.
  6. Yep! I also love many pillows. And yes, the thread count and length is very important to me. It makes a hell of alot of difference. Have you tried bamboo sheets? They are made out of bamboo fibers. I was skeptical at first, but oh Lord!!!!!! :love: :love: They are so comfy. Its heaven.:heart:
  7. ^^I must try these bamboo sheets, they sound amazing!!
  8. I Love Bedding (I Love MY Bed Too!).......I Am So Addicted. I Think It's More About Trying To Make Our New House Just Right (We Moved Into It Two Summers Ago).
  9. I love duvets, shams and high thread count sheets. I buy two sets a year from Pottery Barn when on sale. ;)
  10. I am TOTALLY has been all about thread count, now I am so into silk...I had this duvet made, with little tassels and bee buttons...and it is so are never to old to have a security blanket! :heart:

    "it is all wrinkled cause I am still laying in bed...after 10:00 in the morning! shame on me!
    my blankey.JPG
  11. So with you on that.
    And alexandrainparis, shame on you :P (just jealous I can't do the same, lol)

    I've started getting addicted to it as I found some delicious Kenzo Maison sheets the other day... Help me resist the gorgeous feel of 200 count cotton :biggrin:
  12. I am looking to have bedding custom made for my new house.
    Can anyone help --- Also need drapes.
  13. What is the most you ever paid for a comforter?

    I saw one on line for 1K:P My husband would die.

    I love it !:yahoo:
  14. I know my gal can do it for you...she is in Paris, but has a lot of American clients....with the fabrics we have here, it could be worth looking into. PM me, if you want, and I will give you her details...

  15. I would love the details.