anyone else a seasonal burberry customer? reveal inside.

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  1. i seem to only buy burberry when it gets cold out. lol.

    soon as the fall air hits i jump to look at the new stuff and pick out all the goodies i want.

    but i have yet to get anything on my fall wishlist except something from a year or two ago, these beautiful puppies came in last week.


  2. very pretty, congrats!
    i only shop at burberry outlet stores or whenever they're on sale. somehow, their handbags doesn't appeal to me. but i do love their trenches and quilted jackets.
  3. I love the arms on those!
  4. thanks! they're actually pink, they pictures make 'em look redder than they are. and the metal frame is a baby pink. they're so light and open because of the no-frame on the bottom. love 'em.
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    Does anyone knows Burberry factory outlets contact details apart from contact numbers? Do they have email address?
  6. I tend to visit Burberry at the change of every season :smile:
  7. Your glasses are gorgeous! The pink gives it a pop of color.

    I shop Burberry year round. LOL.
  8. I have burberry glasses as well and just LOVE them!!! Those are beautiful!