anyone else a patent leather junkie?

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  1. Patent seems to come and go in waves, but is anyone else here in love with patent leather no matter the season?

    Personally, I love it! It's easy to maintain, durable, can be used in all types of weather, and can have a really gorgeous look to it.

    Anyone else?

    Here's a shot of all of my patent leather things, they are all Coach but if you have patent pieces from other brands...the more the merrier!!

  2. YES! I had my first patent purse about six years ago and I didn't really like it. However, I got another patent purse (better quality) about two years ago and I have been HOOKED since then. Love patent purses now!
  3. It definitely depends on the quality! Cheaper patent leather bags can be horrible, but once you get a nice, thick, smooshy type of patent...:drool:
  4. I have the large patent black Zoe, and I love her! My dress shoes are black patent Anne Klein pumps - my favorites! I am taking them on my cruise next week (not my Zoe, though, too big!)
  5. I love patent leather for almost the same reasons you do. I travel a lot and take my bags everywhere and in and out of planes, cars, doors, etc. Patent just seems to hold up better and easier to clean, even after you scuff them. I love the patent leather shoes as well! :smile:
  6. I love patent leather, the good quality leather, because like you said, it is so easy to carry around, without having to worry about it getting dirty. I bought the YSL Muse in black patent, and when it was raining here in SoCal, very rare, but it did :smile:!, it was the perfect bag to be running around in, so love it!

    I love patent shoes too, but most of them really end up hurting my feet. I have a couple of pairs that are ok, but most other ones I can't wear for more than 5 minutes.
  7. I love patent too! I'll wear it any time. :biggrin: I have two bags and two clutches - Prada, Anya Hindmarch, a Lauren Merkin Eve clutch in medium blue (no pic) and a black sequoia wristlet. I find a prefer bags with a bit of a texture to hide some of the fingerprints!

  8. Love my patent leather Fendi pictured in my avatar.
  9. I love patent leather bags and have a few by Goldenbleu.

  10. ^^ They're all gorgeous, toni.
    I like patent leather. It doesn't look good all the time and not all patent leather bags are created equal, but the bags I have that are patent are really beautiful to me.
  11. i love patent it looks so classy imo
  12. I love patent too! I'm currently hooked on my regular leather bags but am using my patent leather mini skinny. Patent leather just makes me happy because it's so shiny and pretty. :P
  13. I'm glad I find this post on patent leather. I like the look of patent leather but had some bad experience with it as a young woman. I bought an inexpensive patent handbag when I just started out decades ago. It cracked a lot & sometimes the color came out from the parts of the bag which went thru' a lot of friction. I've always loved patent so a few weeks ago I got an expensive(to me) CD long purse(about US$600). Maybe it's still relatively new, everything seems fine with it. I wonder if you patent experts could tell me that if I really want to get a patent item in future, must it always be expensive to have a certain level of quality guarantee? For leather, I could purchase a relatively cheap purse & still be satisfied with the quality. TIA.
  14. I think if you get a patent bag in the $150+ range, it will be fine. It seems that the really cheap brands have horrible patent leather. Both of my patent bags have a retail value of ~$300 and they are AMAZING.
  15. Thx alatrop. I guess I'll try with a mid-end patent handbag & see what happens!If it works, I want to get patent shoes as well!