Anyone Else a MJ or MbMJ convert? If so, what were you into before?

  1. Hi All,

    Just wanted to know if anyone else (like me) is a MJ convert? I used to be totally into LV and Gucci and then got tired of their typical monogram designs. Don't get me wrong- I still love their bags, but when I found MJ...Let's just say :drool::drool::drool:!!!

    I am a complete and total MJ and MbMJ convert now! This MJ thread is the FIRST place I hit up after logging on! The colors, great quality, beautiful styles...what more could a girl ask for?!??

    If you're a convert, share what you were into before and why you now love MJ best!

    (I apologize if this is a duplicate thread- didn't see one in a search)
  2. OMG...I'm such a dummy!!! :shame:

    I just saw fashion16's "do you play favorites" thread, which is similar to this one, so sorry if it is kind of a duplicate!
  3. Hehehe I dont care if its a duplicate. I know how you feel..I sign in and go straight to the MJ forum too.

    I've never really been hot for monograms (LV), or bags that are really beautiful but completely un-functional (is that a word?) (like Chloe Paddingtons). I cant say much for MJ but MBMJ is lke a dream come true for me. Soft supple leathers married with pockets galore and high quality construction leave me begging for more. I dont stray from MBMJ; sure Chloe's and Koobas and Botkiers and others look pretty and have great leather...BUT..I have never come across a brand like MBMJ where you get the most bang for the buck, and Im always looking for the best bang for my buck whether it comes to the car I drive, the university I attend, or the purse I carry. Sorry for the long post...I get a little worked up sometimes. ;)
  4. and come on...check out the Softy Tote, the Softy Max, the Turnlock bowler...AWESOME AWESOME BAGS, outstanding leathers, excellent craftsmanship, super cute, lots of organization and at a great price...I dare someone to tell me a brand that can offer you all that!
  5. :yahoo:
    I TOTALLY agree w/you- MbMJ is AWESOME! Yummy leather + beautiful AND functional styles + more affordable prices = my dream come true!!!
  6. Oh and to answer your question...I was rockin Kenneth Cole, Coach, and Kate Spade before I became "AWARE" of MBMJ. I still have accessories from them but my bags are almost all MBMJ
  7. I'm a convert, too! I have LV, Gucci, Chloe, and Balenciaga. Ever since I became obsessed with the Stam, the MJ forum is my first click when I get online! I can't get over how beautiful the bags are and how supple the leather is. Love it all!
  8. I'm always a convert. I love everything!

    6th grade - first Dooney
    College - first Coach
    Grad school - would die without LV, then would die without Spy bag
    Still grad school: will die without MJ

    Luckily I got all of these bags or I would have been dead in sixth grade. So yeah, I'm a convert. I can't pledge my undying loyalty, though.
  9. Before MJ I was soooo into Coach. I have about 8 Coach bags stashed away in the back of my closet. I pull them out every once in a while but I always find myself wishing I was carrying an MJ rather than Coach. I still like Coach shoes and acessories though.
  10. Well ... I'm Brazilian ... so here we don't have where to buy Marc Jacobs or Marc by Marc Jacobs bags! The MBMJ bags I have were bought online from Neiman Marcus (I have one which was purchased from eBay, too!).

    I'm a 100% MJ and MBMJ convert! Since I've found out MJ and MBMJ bags I haven't bought bags here in Brazil anymore!
  11. For many years it was Coach, Now I am mad for MJ!!:roflmfao:
  12. lol my sis calls me a label ho, i was until lately, now i'm an mj ho. hahaha

    i know how yall feel, the leather is so esquisite and the thing is when you buy the bag, you don't feel ripped off. i used to feel ripped off, like i'm paying this much for that? but if you have an mj bag you know about quality, you are buying goat leather or calf leather, soft bags with ample room and long lasting. that's what an mj is.
  13. For awhile, I collected nothing but Hermes Birkin bags, but then I got bored. OK--I'm totally kidding! MJ bags are my first real handbag addiction!
  14. I had a variety: Coach (the first of many, purchased several years ago), then a Fendi Mamma Zucca, then a Prada leather drawstring hobo...then, it happened...
    MY FIRST MJ!!!
    I have bought no other brand since! Nothing compares & I am addicted!!! :drool::drool::drool:

    Of course, I would love to be able to walk into a retail store and buy one off the shelf, but in reality, that doesn't happen for me. Thank GOD for the experts Thithi, Forenfinal, Bag-addict, and others (luv U guys!!!), who authenticate my purchases on eBay, so I can get many, many, many authentic MJ bags for prices less than retail!
  15. Before my first MJ I bought a variety of bags and was not hung up on just one designer, but now I am very obsessed with MJ!!! It's like right after I bought the first one I was already after the next...and so the addiction begins.