Anyone else a little bored?

  1. It's pouring down outside so I'm stuck in the house and a very wonderful friend of mine emailed me this and well.. it's pretty obvious what it is but it's still fun LOL!
  2. HAHAHAA!!! :crybaby: :tup:
  3. jesus, that scared the crap out of me!!!
  4. ha! That's great.

    But yeah, I am really bored. I have less than an hour left at work but I'm still tempted to punch out early.
  5. Scared the 3$^%$ out of me too! lol, I'm lucky that I was holding my laptop at the time it happened - if not it would have flown off of my lap (I was on the sofa) and on the floor!
  6. :roflmfao: I swear I thought my best friend was going to kill me when I made her do this!