Anyone else a grazer?

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  1. Does anyone prefer to "graze" throughout the day rather than have 3 full-blown meals? My ideal meal would be a tapas style, lots of variety and tastes to choose from and in small portions. I find it very difficult to make it through a traditional meal, lol. I'm much more content with lots of variety, smaller portions, etc.
  2. I would prefer to do that, but I eat 3 meals in the interest of convenience. I usually get tired of food after a few bites....after that, finishing it is just an obligation.
  3. I'm not but DD is. Ever since she was a bitty baby, she never liked the feeling of her tummy being too full. She's that way to this day at 16. I'd guess on a day that she's home all day, she eats 6-7 small meals and it's totally normal for her.
  4. i'm definitely a grazer. 24 hour tapas sounds pretty good!!
  5. Since I started working out again last August, my metabolism has revved up and I find myself grazing about 5-6 times at day. I actually prefer it to the 3 meals a day because I don't like to feel too full after eating and this way I can nosh on things that I like and more frequently!:P
  6. You described me to a T!
  7. I'm definitely a grazer as well!
  8. That's just like me. I actually chuckled when I read this because it could've been written by me.

    But anyway, I'm a total nibbler/grazer and some of my favorite meals are tasting menus, spanish tapas, chinese dim sum and japanese izakaya.
  9. Yep Im a grazer!

    I always have to have something to munch on, just small things throughout the day. I just cant finish big meals, and people who dont know my eating habits get angry and say 'you dont eat!'. Which really pisses me off!!

    The truth is I eat more than my husband who skips breakfast and lunch most days because he is too damn busy!!

    Plus, its also better for me to eat throughout the day because I get low blood sugar.
  10. I'm such a grazer :biggrin:. Glad to have a thread like this so all of us grazers can relate to eachother. Yes, it's also hard for me to eat an entire traditional meal.
  11. oh my gosh girlfriend, over here too!! but i don't get mad. the trick is that when you eat out w/people, just look like there's always something in your mouth and keep on chewing:P or just explain to them that you cannot eat a large meal at one sitting. i totally understand where you're coming from when you say that you eat more than your husband! i for one here, eat almost more than my DBF in a day too:rolleyes:
  12. ^^^ haha, glad there are others like me! :wlae:

    The good thing is my parents, Dh, bestie and my sister tell everyone how much of a pig I really am. LOL.
  13. LOL I totally agree with the comment that was saying how a large meal is an "obligation" to finish.
  14. I'm a grazer too. I like to have lots of snacks and small meals each day, otherwise I will just snack between big meals anyway.
  15. I'm a hardcore grazer!