Anyone else a fan of Loeffler Randall boots/shoes?

  1. BTW, if anyones in NYC LR is having their sample sale starting tomorrow
  2. You're welcome. :biggrin:

    Oh I so wanna go! I wonder if they will have the Matilde boots??? In a 5?? :biggrin:

    Let's hope it doesn't turn out like the Ferragamo sale. Smh.
  3. They look great! Now I'm wanting another pair of matildes in olive!;)

    Thanks Sneezz! I am glad they don't have my size!! I'm on a LR ban! :biggrin:

    I wish!!! NYC always has the good sales!!
  4. I'm a huge fan of Matilde's but didn't like the thinness of the bottom and the front bottom toe part wore very fast on mine with just a few wears.
    I love the look..they just aren't for me sadly.
  5. This is good to know, I have several pairs of LRs but no Matildes yet. Did you have to replace the sole or did you get a cobbler to do a rubber sole/Topy?
  6. I didn't do anything with the ones I had.. I ended up selling them~ they were fairly new. I just knew if they were going to wear that easily..I didn't want to deal with it:smile:
    The bottom is just thin and if I was going to have them again I would def. get a cobbler to add those little heel/toe savers..something like that:smile:
    They are so cute though!
  7. I had mine soled all the way from toe to the little heel area & my Matildes have lasted for years. I have them done in beige so that they blend in with the original leather bottom. You should get them again :graucho:
  8. my mum and i are also fans of the Matilde. she has a black pair in dino leather and i have brown and them!
    as for the sole, best to resole them, they are so worth it!
  9. Any black friday/cyber monday sales on LR? I know the website is currently having a fall sale
  10. Wow, those looks so great! So jealous.... Do they tend to gather a bit around the ankle after wearing for a while?
  11. I'm in the group! Just purchased 2 pairs of the LR Kiva Shearling booties on Shopbop for 30% off and NO shipping costs OR tax! When I get them in, I will send a modeling pic.

    I think they'll be great for light snowy days in Manhattan and cold sunny days in Florida. A cool alternative to uggs.