Anyone dyed a white city?

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  1. My white city is ruined. It's now off white, frayed and looks absolutely terrible. I SO REGRET not buying a black one. I've been using my black Chanel jumbo so much that it's started having the same problem too grrr.

    Anyone dyed a white bag? I've tried cleaner it only works to an extent. I kinda wanna dye my white bag black. Would that work u think?

    Pictures, advice etc would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Wow: that's a big step! I can only think of the handbag spa that some TPFers send their Bbags to get re-conditioned?

    I've only ever heard of colour being 're-dyed', rather than an existing colour transformed into a totally new one.

    Other TPFers who have sent their Bbags for the bag spa (I think that is what it is called) will know more.

    Have you tried rubbing Apple Guard all over your Bbag? My cousin had her children PAINT her Bbag fluorescent green in huge patches. The sales assistant where she bought it from rubbed Apple Guard all over it quite consistently, and the stain came out.

    I've also heard Johnson's baby-wipes are great at removing stubborn stains. Vinegar is also said to be good, but I think it leaves a dreadful smell.

    Sorry I haven't been too much help, msJenna.

    Good luck with restoring your Bbag - I'm sure someone will have a good solution to share with you.
  3. Thank you, lunarlu and Barbara... good to know in advance!
  4. do a search, there'e are many threads from 2008 i think. I know for sure that a very nice tpfer dyed his white GGH bag black and it looked amazing. I was also bidding on it when I found it later on ebay ;) but was outbidden! what barbara stated seams to be true, but like she said it also depends on how old your bag is, I this case what kind of finisch your bag has. . . maybe re-dye it white?
  5. My Boyfriend restored my 06 White City back to White for me. It crackled but I moisturise it regularly and it looks aaaaaaaaawesome. Having said that though, wouldn't attempt to change the colour.

    Will post pics in the maintenance section asap

  6. There's someone on here that has posted about dyeing her bbag turquoise and there are pics, but not sure what color the bag was before or where the pics are.