Anyone drive a Saab?

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  1. DH's truck is in the shop and he got a Saab as a loaner. We're playing musicals cars and I am driving it today b/c he needed my truck for work etc. (whatever, not important... thing is, I'm driving it.)

    Anyway, it's in my garage right now, with the KEY stuck in the IGNITION. I cannot get it out. I don't know if this is a safety thing that Saab does, or if it's something I have done to this car - whatever. It's seriously cramping my style right now because I don't mind the key stuck while it's in my garage, but I'm thinking that won't be good if it's parked at the mall or the rink which are on my List Of Places To Go Today.

    Anyone have any idea how to get it out? I have tried locking the wheels... and a couple other tricks that have worked with other models in the past....

    Help!? And a BIG TIA!:hysteric:
  2. I have one.. did you turn the key all the way to the the left? Did you try starting the car and then turning it off again? you may have to press down before you can pull up on the key
    What model is it? is the key on the steering column or on the floor?
  3. Thanks for responding! Yes, I turned the key all the way to the left. I tried starting the car a few times, I even drove it up and down my street. I tried pushing it in, and then tried to pull it out. The key goes into the middle console, between the gear-shift and the parking break.

    The model is 95, I'm guessing probably an '04.
  4. I have a standard (and its an '01), but I always have to put it in reverse to get the key out...a quirk that the standards have. I would call the dealer to avoid damaging the ignition lock (I'm saying this from experience - when we moved, the transport company pryed the key out which resulted in a $800 visit to the dealer)
  5. Yikes, I'll call a dealer. I managed to get through my mall-errands without the car being stolen. Just threw a blanket over the ignition so you couldn't see the key there and had to leave it unlocked. Would have been a dream for a car-thief!

    It still won't come out. I'll try the reverse thing later when I go out... but it's an automatic, so I don't know if it'll work. This is so frustrating! Loaners are a PITA!
  6. OHMYGOSH! Okay - I got it out. DH put a transponder in the slot in front of the gear shift which was PREVENTING IT from going FULLY into PARK. That's why the F*&^%$$# key wouldn't come out.

    thanks anyway - problem solved.
  7. Wow, I have a SAAB with the key thingy in the middle and haven't had it happen - glad you were able to get the key out! Yay!

    BTW - I love my car.
  8. glad you were able to get it out! i used to have to pull my steering wheel to the side when i drove and old volvo to get the key out occassionally, and i have a new toyota 4Runner and you have to push in then pull out, and that took some getting used to!