Anyone drive a hybrid car/suv?

  1. Hello! I am going to get a new vehicle sometime next year as soon as I am done with school. Right now I have a Mustang which I lovvvvve but I hate the poor gas mileage.

    I have heard so much stuff about the pros and cons of hybrids. I would love to hear your thoughts/experiences. Thanks!
  2. We drive a Prius just about everywhere. One time in Manhattan I glanced at the mileage and it said 99 miles to the gallon. Usually it's not that high, but that was the best we ever got with it. :smile:

    There's a cool factor to it. People who drive sports cars used to compliment us all the time on our Prius, not as much anymore since they're becoming for prominent. But we still get people in other Priuses waving at us as we go by!
  3. I have a Prius, for almost a year now and :heart: :heart: it!!! The gas mileage depends on how you drive the car, highway or city driving, brakeing actually recharges the battery!! On a tank of gas I usually average between 48-50 mpg. Not too shabby:wlae:

    I would absolutely recommend the Prius, it's actually pretty roomy inside, backseats and all. I think we should all do what we can to conserve and be wise about our impact on the environment and natural resources.
  4. Wow! I am soooo jealous of the gas mileage you ladies are getting!!

    Thanks for the info!! :smile:
  5. You should definately check out the Toyota Prius, but now there are many more hybrids available, totota camry, honda civic, honda accord, ford escape, and I believe gmc or chevy has a full size truck hybrid out or coming out soon.
  6. I cannot wait to see the new body design of the 2008 Accord!! I also heard that they are doing a hybrid 2008 GMC Yukon/Chevy Tahoe and can't wait to see that either:smile: