Anyone drive a 2007 Honda CR-V?

  1. Hi! I'm interested in buying an 2007 Honda CR-V (EX-L) and was wondering if anyone could tell me the pros and cons for this car if you already own it? Any maintenance problems? Any regrets?

  2. I don't own one, but a friend does and she's never had any major problems with it. The one thing I heard from someone else was that they're not as tough as they're marketed to be. This other girl's CR-V got flooded this past rain season, but then again, you shouldn't be driving it thru major flooded areas.
  3. I leased a base model white 2007 CRV for my mom. It's a 3 year lease, zero down and 225 a month. I think she likes it. It sits up high so she has really good visibility but doesn't drive much. I went to 3 different dealers and the price varied a lot!
  4. Hm....I had an older CRV (2000) before I got a company car. To this day (5 years after I sold mine) I still miss my CRV. I'm gonna have to buy again in the next year and I am totally in love with the new CRVs and leaning that way.

    Anyway, can't give you specifics since I haven't owned the current one...but for comparable SUVs ... or I guess we call them crossovers has the best cargo space. On the other hand....other similar models have an available V6 which the CRV does not. Now I didn't mind when I didn't know any better...but its hard for me to drive a 4 cylinder after being in a V6 for a while now. That said, I do know they pumped up the horsepower in the 2007 model and that its getting good reviews.

    I LOVED the size...small..but not too small....and one of the better backseats for leg room (in my 2000 I mean...but I assume the 2007 is similar) in this size vehicle.

    I did get in an accident with mine once and the car held up BEAUTIFULLY and it was very easy for the body shop to get the parts needed....and the repair part pricing I thought was very fair.

    Anyway...hope that helps!!!
  5. My sister bought one in January and loves it. She said it drives great in snow (if that's something that you're concerneed about) and it's a great size...she's single and no kids.

    That said, one of my best friends test drove one over a weekend and didn't like it at all. She is about 5'2" and had issues seeing out of it. Her husband, on the other hand, is well over 6' and he said it was uncomfortable. She ended up buying a new 4 door Jeep Rubicon.
  6. Thanks everyone for the responses! Snow is not an issue since I live in So. CA. I test drove the CR-V and I'm 5"3, but seeing out the front window was not a problem. I did notice that when I look over my left shoulder that there is not much clearance between the top of the driver's headrest and the black pillar so it's a bit difficult to see over your shoulder... but I have this same issue with my PT Cruiser, so I'm actually use to it.

    I really like the look of the 2007 CR-V - it also reminds me a little of the BMW X3. Never had an SUV before but I'm really leaning towards buying the CR-V! However, I might wait to see what options are offered with the 2008 model since they'll probably be out in Sept. The one thing that I didn't like was that there was no power seat controls for the driver's seat - you have to use a lever by pumping it to raise the height of the seat - sort of annoying!!

    By the way, if you look at the CR-V on the Honda UK website, they offer the new CR-V with some features that aren't on the American version of the car. Like power seats and an interesting panoramic sunroof - really different than a normal sunroof.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on the 2007 CR-V? Thx!
  7. DH bought me a white 2007 CRV EXL with 4wd this past December. I absolutely love it! It has gray leather interior which I adore (I only wanted leather since its easier to maintain imho and I just like it so much better than fabric interiors) and nice little touches including a sunroof, 6 disc cd changer w/satellite radio (don't think thats a huge deal since its only a stock system and we're planning to install a custom sound system but the salesperson seemed to think so, lol), seat warmers, and roof racks. It is very functional and great on gas. I have a baby and it is very easy to get her in and out of the backseat since the doors swing all the way open. Honestly it wouldn't be my first choice if I didn't have a baby (I would have gone for a Tundra) but there were several reasons why we bought it. We did a ton of research first and decided on it because:
    1. It is great on gas. Average of 22 mpg and I live in the city and do almost all city and no highway driving. I miss the 6 cylinder engine and power of my previous vehicle but actually don't really need it just driving around the city for short trips. The savings in gas is wonderful. :yes:
    2. It had wonderful safety ratings. This was our top concern since we have a little one and dh feels safer with the two of us in a car with the various safety features this one has. I'm 5'2 and it has just as good visibility for me as it does for dh who occasionally drives it and is 5'10.
    3. Honda is know for their durable vehicles and the engine on this one was quite good according to my dad who has a mechanic background. We bought the seven year warranty just in case but so far no problems whatsoever. And the service at Honda is wonderful. I showed up spontaneously for an oil change and they had it done within 20 minutes.
    4. Its a great looking SUV. Kinda sporty and sleek, not as huge as a true SUV or truck but not small like a sedan. It drives super smooth like a car but has the features of a SUV. Great trunk space with a nice divider tray that separates the top and bottom so that no one can see what we have stored in the bottom once the back is closed. Its pretty roomy inside and can fit 5 comfortably even with the monstrous Britax car seat I have in the back seat. :smile:
    All in all, I love it. I'll probably drive it for a couple more years (we usually keep our cars for about three years or so before we upgrade) and will either upgrade to another Honda (a van if we need more space) or more likely a Lexus SUV which DH and I have both been eyeing recently. :smile:
  8. I had an '98 which I traded in for an '05. I loved them both but the '05 was horrible on our icy roads. I needed a REAL 4WD rather than that "real-time 4WD" stuff which kicks into 4WD when it decides. I almost went off a snowy & icy road when the "real-time 4WD" decided to disengage and I had to tap my brakes which made me spin on the icy road. The next day the CR-V got traded in for a 5-speed Kia Sorento which has compound low. It is the best SUV I've ever owned.

    If you are in So. Cal you won't have the problems I did and will probably be very happy with the CR-V. It is a great vehicle and if I didn't live where I live I'd probably still have my '05.
  9. Thanks again everyone for your responses!!!!