Anyone Dressing Up For Halloween??

  1. we are having this dress up for Halloween at my college but i have no ideas what to do!!!
    i was just wondering, does anybody here plan on having office dress ups or just dressing up with your kids??
    i had a few ideas but not so sure......
  2. I have been a witch for the past 3 years... I should go for something different this year! I always dress up and pass out candy to the kids. This year we will be taking our daughter out trick or treating too, she is going to be Little Red Riding Hood..
  3. My office plays dress up. :smile:

    I think I'm going to be a mermaid this year.
  4. I always dress up. A friend is having a party this year and I'm going as Wonder Woman:tup:
  5. I'm going to be a pregnant nun.
  6. I have been a witch for the past 15 years! I have a black and white striped hat with orange hair that I bought ages ago. I am a teacher and I have often considered changing my costume, but he kids are now used to it and they often come in dressed as witches too and say they are my sons or daughters. Sooooo.....I guess a witch I was meant to
  7. I work at a large company and Halloween is the biggest "holiday" of the year. Different departments dress up and decorate their areas. This year we're doing a scene from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.
  8. Most likely going to one of the parties in the city but I am debating between sexy chef (comes with a spatula! :biggrin:) or sexy pirate costume......
  9. No dressing up for me. I'll be taking a "haunted tour".
  10. :lol:
  11. I always dress up! I have a party before Halloween (this year I will be little red riding hood for that) and then dress up for the actual night (a fallen angel). Sometimes I dress up when I take our traditional walk through the Haunted Houses (probably little bo peep) around here! I have about 30 costumes! I LOVE IT!
  12. Nope, stopped caring about Halloween over a decade ago.
  13. I LOVE halloween!! I dress up every year! last year I was a girl scout this year, Im going to rock my new chanel pearls and be jackie O.!! CANT WAIT!!
  14. I love to dress up for Halloween..we do so every year. This year we are having a costume party at our house and I'm still trying to decide what to wear!
    I'm torn between an army girl, ref, or a cowgirl!
  15. my MILs birthday is halloween (no coincidence, she is a witch) so they are having a party.
    i have been told to behave myself so no slutty witch for me this year. instead im going as sally bowles from cabaret. black shorts. black and white stripped corset miniature top hat that has a little veil and a pair of de havilland shoes. not as consevative as i think my MIL would like but i think it looks cool.