Anyone done bag transfers from one store to another?

  1. Hi -

    Does anyone have experience with having an SA transfer a bag from one store to another?

    I was hoping that Saks in Portland would transfer one or a few bags from another Saks location that carries BBAGs.

    Would I have to buy them in advance?

    Is that possible?

  2. I know NM has done this for me but not sure if Saks can do that. They can't do it in shoes so I would assume the same would go for bags but on never knows.
  3. Oh Saks can do it all right. At least the one in my neck of the woods does. But you do have to have the SA order it and you PAY for it first. Then you just return it if it doesn't work out when you come into the store to review it. Neiman's, on the other hand, does not require you to buy it first. Once I asked for a Chloe to be shipped in and I never bought it. Months later it was on the sale table drastically reduced!
  4. I've done this with Barneys, and they have the same policy as Saks ^^.

    To have the store transfer, you do have to pay first, but you have the option to return when if you're not satisfied after you receive it. Actually, Barney's was willing to transfer from the NYC to chicago store, but I ended up having them ship directly to me and shipping was free. I still had the option to return if I was dissatisfied.