Anyone donated eggs before?

  1. I think this is the right section, but if not, sorry!

    This is something I have been considering for about a year and a half now (so it's not like I'm rushing into any decision).
    I've been weighing the pros and cons about it all, but still have not come to any definate decision yet.
    My parents are against it (which is one of the reasons why I haven't done it yet) because a) I'll have a child out there and b) there is potential risk of damaging my ovaries, etc, and therefore I could risk my chances of being able to have my own children later on in life.
    I just figure, I have eggs that I'm not using, and having children has been something that I know that I want when I'm ready, and if it were me, I would be devastated to know I was infertile, etc, so why not give those unused eggs to a woman who is ready for children now?

    Anyways, just wondering if there is anyone out there who has done it and what you thought of it. (you can PM me too if you don't want to talk about it on here).
  2. I was asked to be a donor by a fertility clinic and may consider doing it when I am through with my current pregnancy. When I say that I would donate though, it is precisely that: a donation of my eggs (however many I could yield in on stimulation cycle) and not a sale. I do think it is just as fine to sell one's eggs, but in my case it is merely a way of expressing gratitude to ___ (fill in name of higher power) for being blessed with the ability to have children.

    Onto the less esoteric side of things: infertility clinics tend to be relatively picky about their donors. They do a thorough physical and psychological evaluation and they'll usually only accept young donors (usually under 30) etc. If you'd like to discuss criteria in more detail, PM me or better yet get in touch with a fertility clinic donor program coordinator in your area!

    Be prepared for a relatively uncomfortable stimulation cycle involving subcutaneous injections that you'll be giving yourself daily for about 2 weeks as well as frequent transvaginal ultrasounds to monitor your follicular response. You may or may no be a "good responder" despite your age. Good response is measured by the number of follicles you ovulate during the stimulation and by how closely together they develop by the end of the stimulation cycle. So, ovulating 20 follicles w/ only 2 mature ones and 18 lagging behind is not a good response (despite the overall impressive number). Ovulating 20 w/ 18 mature and only 2 lagging behind is. During this stimulation phase, you are assuming an increased risk of side-effects from the expected and inconsequenial (think abdominal bloating) to the uncommon but potentially dangerous (ovarian torsion comes to mind).

    The retrieval itself is done under twilight anesthesia and you won't remember it, but it is considered minor surgery.

    All things considered, if you do decide to go through with this you have all my respect and gratitude. It's a meaningful, moving decision which will give tremendous hope and new life to a person or couple struggling with infertility!