Anyone doing Hermes Prix Emile?

  1. or know anyone?
    I personally woudl love to do it, but i a.) am not in one of the permitted countries and b.) don't meet the requirements.
    It seems like a lot of fun and very serious (can spend up to $5000!) I have never heard of H doing this before, i never though they were the type of company that did gimmicky promotional competitions like this, at least its a proper hard competition. Are the contestants works displayed anywhere i woudl love to see?
  2. Nope, got no skills :p
  3. Not me either :p. One has to be truly an artist to join this competition.
  4. I would have LOVED to.....
  5. Me, too, but the US isn't on the list of countries :push:
  6. I don't think it's gimmicky at all. Being a big provider of high quality goods and a creative company, this is a natural part. A big company like this should discover new talents and promote creativity or other causes important to mankind, like sports, charity and enviromental work.

    Good luck everyone entering. :yahoo: