Anyone doing a last minute PCE purchase?

  1. Now that were down to the final PCE anyone taking the plunge and buying one last thing? I decided to run out today and pick up the apple keyfob for my son's teacher. I know I want to give it to her for her birthday or Christmas so I might as well get it with the PCE discount. Anyone else going to Coach today? Impulse buys?
  2. I went back yesterday after work. I went a week ago and decided to go back for the gallery tote. It wasn't impulsive though, I really thought about it. I am glad I did, she's a great looking tote.
  3. I'm now on a fifty dollar budget, so all I'll be getting a legacy stipe ponytail scarf!
  4. I am staying away from coach...too much damage hu
  5. Nope! I've done enough damage with the purchase of my Lily and Gigi!
  6. I love that scarf! I had a so/so PCE this go around. I only bought 2 swingpacks. One for myself and one for my mom for her birthday, the pig charm and today I'm going to get the apple charm for a teacher. Its really hard to have fun at PCE when you're on a BAN! LOL....... (swingpacks don't count ya know....:angel: )
  7. everything already...maybe just last minute leather care stuff!
  8. last minute?!? I haven't even STARTED yet!

    I JUST got back from my vacation this morning...I'm off to the mall tomorrow...with my PCE card in hand! can't wait!!
  9. I am thinking of ordering an indigo pw carly & pouch
  10. I said I wasn't going to get anything (didn't get a card so no real temptation) but I have to take a bag in to see about getting it repaired. I may take it tomorrow and if I can get the discount I may order the Tatum boots in the camel with the legacy stripes.
  11. I took my swingpack out yesterday and LOVED using it! Definitely one of my favorite coach items!

    I've been debating the legacy leather slim flap in whiskey, but I already have the whiskey ali so I'm forcing myself to STAY OUT OF THE STORE!
  12. Hmm. My mom is out of town, but she comes back today.. I saw her eyeing a tote!! I really would like to get a tote and a legacy stripe ponytail scarf, but if I don't maybe Christmas??
  13. Are you loving that chocolate sig slim flap? My next bag purchase will be in the Spring. I'm thinking about a slim flap unless something better comes along. It just seems like a nice, comfortable medium bag for the shoulder. Which is exactlly what I love. :yes:
  14. I just placed an order for the Coach purse size(for my mom) and full size bottle of Coach perfume(for me) and for the heart padlock keychain.:yahoo:

    I was going to get the Coach perfume lotion too but the SA said it wasn't available for the PCE discount (which struck me as weird since the perfume is but oh well).
  15. I placed my order over the phone minutes before the store closing. I couldn't make it to the store. I've been too busy.