Anyone do Taebo?

  1. I was thinking about getting Billy's Bootcamp so I could work out inside because of winter approaching. Has anyone done this or any other Taebo workouts? Does it work? The target area I want to focus on is my abs...gotta get rid of a little belly fat! Would appreciate any info you could give me! :smile:
  2. I have been doing tae bo for about a year and I love it. I lost about 30 pounds and I actually enjoy doing it. I purchased a set of tapes that included an ab workout, basic boot camp, cardio, the ultimate boot camp and a set of bands. I like the boot camp workouts the best because it is more of a circuit training and targets a lot of different areas.
  3. I took personal classes from him - but it was just too painful . stressful on my back so I gave the rest of my sessions away.
    I've never injured my back, but did do alot of high impact aerobic in my 20's - Now in my late 30's I seem to have trouble :sad:
  4. I have his tapes~ be aware....I am very healthy and can keep up w/ the best of them, but his is REALLY high impact. I have found that it is too High impact and really hurt my knee and back at times. I use Denise Austin and see fabulous results. She has excellent tapes (wide variety, uses aerobics w/ weights)...That would be my suggestion.
    Good luck!
  5. I dont do Taebo, but I do Body Combat, which has a bit of everything. I really love this one, doing it 2 times a week. Full body workout.
  6. I have done Billy's Bootcamp, and a few of his other tae bo DVDs. I got into it b/c my boyfriend's sister bought a bunch of the bootcamp DVDs, and he started using them. He lost about 30lbs, and it helped his abs a ton! I definitely recommend it. It is so hard to keep up at first (at least it was for me), but it becomes fun once you get the hang of it. I haven't done them in a while b/c I've been so caught up with work, but this post has inspired me to start up again!
  7. Hmm well that's definitely something to think about! I'll have to look into the other suggestions mentioned above..thanks everyone for you advice! I need something that is fun (to keep me doing it) and gives a GREAT workout. I want to be, well not that big but really toned!
  8. They are is Denise Austin....Also, it you have Comcast On Demand, Tae-bo is there under fitness.
  9. I haven't tried Taebo, but I am a Body Combat instructor with Les Mills International. Just be careful in whatever you do if you don't have any martial arts background. It is very easy to twist the wrong way. Try to focus on the punches and kicks themselves and not worry about "bouncing" through the movements. Good Luck!
  10. I absolutely love love love all his tapes!! Unfortunately I live in an apt so I don't have an ample amount of space but if you live in a house its a great way to do some fun cardio and you WILL see results! I highly recommend!
  11. I've got the Billy's Bootcamp, did like 20 mins of the basic boot camp on my first try and my legs hurt for 3 days straight..This was when i went to the gym 3 times a week and did about an hour of cardio + weights.
    It's really is a high impact work out.

    To be honest, if you just want to lose your belly, sit ups and pilates will help you tone your muscles, and it's relatively low impact
  12. I love Les Mills! My gym has a lot of Les Mills programs.. rpm, combat, pump, balance. I love combat and pump especially. Will try balance soon, I heard it's great and good for posture.
  13. taebo is awesome. i can't say it enough. it's better than any other workout, imo. i recently joined the gym, and it's like i do cardio on some machines, i.e. elliptical, and then i do some strength training, either w/free weights or machines. it almost feels like a waste of time, because the cardio machines barely burn any calories - like 250-300 for half an hour - and you do cardio/strength training separately. taebo is awesome because in one hour, you're doing cardio AND strength training together, because instead of weights you use your own body as resistance. i think it's esp perfect for females because while you keep up a high heart rate doing the cardio, it's burning the fat while toning your muscles using your own body. it burns a crazy amount of calories and you're in and out in under one hour. PLUS it's fun, wherease doing elliptical and then weight machines/weights bores me to death and de-motivates me from doing more. whenever i can keep up taebo consistently, i see dramatic immediate results compared to any regimen at the gym. there are times when i didn't even think i worked that hard during the taebo workout, but the next day you're soooo sore so it works, but it's fun so you don't notice how hard you're working compared to....staring into space while repeating the same motion on a treadmill. haha. if you want super results, supplement taebo with light strength training at the gym - i.e. low weight, high reps.