Anyone do a charge-send through a MJ boutique before? Question . . .

  1. I did one recently through a boutique in the US. I just received the package, but my bag didn't have any tags attached to the bag. Nor did I get a receipt/invoice. Is that normal?

    I'm planning on calling tomorrow to check.

    Just wondering if this is weird. I don't think they sent me a fake. But I'm super picky about getting the tags with all my bags so I have the name/color etc. I've never bought a MJ before, so I'm not sure what kinds of things (ie cards, tags, etc) are supposed to come with the item.

    Hopefully they can mail it to me. Should I be worried at all?
  2. ive never did a charge send through an mj boutiqe before, but anything sent without a receipt/invoice is weird.. regardless of what the item is..

    try calling the boutique, and get the name of the sa that helped you, just in case
  3. The cards and tags are usually placed inside a MJ envelope with the receipt.Look inside the pocket of the bag u got.My SA's always put them INSIDE the bag.If not,call and ask for it.
  4. Ok, I will call first thing in the morning. Thanks for the info. Will give an update later.
  5. I've always received a receipt with a business card attached.. I definitely think you should call and ask for a copy of it!